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6 September 2013

It’s been a great first Summer of Sleek! New members, new workouts, great reviews and recognition in the likes of Top Sante, Zest, BodyFit and Matches as one of the ‘ best and most innovative ways to sculpt you a dancers body.’

In between growing the Sleek Empire, earlier this summer, Flik and I headed to the launch of the new fitness wear collection by fantastic young designer Charli Cohen. The show, put together beautifully by the very Sleek Michaela Deasy- Smith, saw the models perform a synchronised yoga routine down the catwalk while the Organic Burst fitness inspired cocktails flowed.

Also there to admire the fantastic fabrics and cuts that Charlie has put together in her Vis collection were some of the big and growing names in the fitness and fashion word. Meeting the lovely Amy Lawrenson of Elle, Lucy Miller and Cheryl Hersey was a treat and all have become slight Sleek Technique converts.

We are excited to be heading back to Charlie Cohen’s next showing of her new fitness wear collection on September 12th – pictures will follow!

In the fitness full room, we also made the acquaintance of Sol Fernandez, creator of the ever so good for you Upraw energy snacks. After being totally absorbed by Sol’s passion for his product and it’s all natural ingredients, I signed up to a trial box which I eagerly awaited the next few days.

Just like Sol, the energy in an Upraw snack is unquashable! Being a professional dancer and trainer/ co founder at Sleek means long hours of non stop dance exercise in the studio. With an abundance of fresh, natural, energy sustaining additions such as walnuts, coconut, honey and 14g of bio active whey…They are low in saturated fat and sugar and high in protein. Upraw are not a sweet and fluffy snack, but they leave you feeling satisfied and energised. With a string of pro fitness and sports people singing their praises, I would recommend anyone who’s planning on going the extra mile to order a box now. V x

Orders can be placed on Upraw site or can be found in select London stores.

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