Why Sleek is Ballet Fitness with a difference

21 October 2013

What’s different about Sleek’s ballet fitness workouts in comparison to lots of other celebrity endorsed fitness companies? Sleek co-founder, professional dancer and Principal trainer, Flik Swan gives the honest low-down on why the Sleek buzz is no fluke…

For a start, Sleek is neither a gimmick or fad, it is based on the technique that dancers have used for years to hone and tone their dancer bodies. And as our Sleekers across the world already know, it works to create exactly that, a more dancer like body. Sleek’s ‘technique’ requires no weights or machines but encompasses a full resistance workout and involves little jumping around, yet works to improve your cardio fitness too. We keep exercises smaller and more targeted, working and focusing on great technique rather than thrashing about in order to get sweaty or ‘feel the burn’.

Sleek online fitness workouts combine authentic ballet based barre exercises with isolated isometric exercises to target, strengthen and reshape muscles in the legs particularly. Off the barre, we keep it dance inspired but up the pace, performing larger multiple functional movements at speed for total body fitness. Finally, we hit the mat to work on muscle symmetry and as ever, focus on alignment and correct placing.

Why have you designed Sleek ballet fitness workouts in this particular way?

Because the results speak for themselves and I’m not just talking about weight loss. From day one, Victoria and I have known the advantages of a body friendly, super effective workout which when taught with care and precision can have dramatic effects on a person’s body shape, posture, fitness levels and injury recovery or better still, injury prevention. Having spent a combined 32 years as professional dancers and all of them injury free, we felt determined to be ambassadors for body fitness workouts that didn’t leave you sobbing in a dark room or struggling to get out of bed the next day. Our ballet fitness workouts are low impact but still high intensity so you will definitely feel worked but without the stress on your joints. We have a variety of different classes and workouts and we encourage you to vary and combine them; alternate our Bootcamp or Barre Workouts with a Full Ballet Body live class and mix in a Cardio Ballet Blast from time to time so you get a full spectrum training. This will mean you stay motivated and most importantly keep getting results without plateauing.

I want long term effects but quick results…

Doesn’t everyone! We don’t know the answer to everything but with our experience, training and record of results we do know that we are the top choice if you are after a fit, refined, feminine body. Our online workouts evolve and advance as you do because we are continuously updating our knowledge too. Because of advances in training and nutrition over the last 20 years, dancers have become fitter and stronger. We plan to keep getting you fit for the next 20. There are no real instant fixes to getting a ‘perfect’ body… whatever that is! But you can make fast and measured progress with Sleek. Here are the facts:

Will I feel, tighter, more toned, a little bit more confident and energised after a handful of Sleek classes?

Yes, you’ll discover muscles that you probably weren’t aware existed and your first ‘live class’ experience is genuinely something all Sleekers remember affectionately as the first step on an amazing journey.

Will my flexibility improve and my range of movement feel easier after a couple of weeks of your Sleek live classes?

Definitely! We don’t just ‘static stretch’ your body like a majority of fitness regimes – check out our hugely popular Flex and Stretch live class or download for a great example of this.

Will I lose a stone in 5 days and be able to do the splits by the end of the week?

No, at least not safely or with any lasting effect! The fact is, real body fitness isn’t just about working out a bit a couple of times a week and then sitting at your computer the rest of the time, munching on chocolate digestives. You’ve got to stay mobile, eat smart and commit to something you can see yourself doing regularly in the long term to really get great results and lasting satisfaction. And work hard in Sleek class to your best ability and let your Sleek trainer guide you – that’s what Victoria, myself and our Principal training team are here for; to get your fitness levels up, regardless of the level you are at (no dance or fitness experience is necessary to start a Sleek regime), keep your motivation sky high and to correct and inspire you all the way to your goals. All this comes without you having to leave your house… so what are you waiting for!?

Keep Sleek,


For more information go to sleektechnique.com or to chat with Victoria or Flik about Sleek’s awesome interactive live classes and body beautiful downloads click here.

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