Sunday Times Style magazine gets ballet Sleek

12 February 2014

When the Sunday Times Style magazine announced its collaboration with Sleek Technique in conjunction with Fit Not Thin 2014 – the campaign designed to encourage a healthy, fitness frendly lifestyle – the response was “phenomenal”. 1800 women applied for 100 places to join Sleek’s Flik and Victoria in a preview of their exclusively designed Ballet Bootcamp class which the pair launch in New York on February 6th 2014 in collaboration with Sweaty Betty

Flik describes how the day went and why pliés and planks aren’t as an unlikely combination as you’d think!

Our studio for the day was the uber cool warehouse style Snap Studios located in Shoreditch. The venue boasts large, airy spaces with views of East London that would lift the hardest of hearts and on Saturday 1st February they were looking particularly spectacular. The sun shone into our top floor studio where Sweaty Betty mats were laid out for the lucky ones who had been quick enough to apply for the Fit Not Thin Sleek Ballet Bootcamp class. The room was soon filled with excited women of all ages and fitness levels who had travelled far and wide to sample our much anticipated workout… for a moment Victoria and I thought we might need microphones so everyone could here us but the acoustics of the room meant our instructions and tips soared from the front to the very back. After a warm welcome from Fleur Britten of Style magazine and an intro from Victoria and I explaining the class’s revolutionary, body reshaping combination of ballet exercises and bootcamp style planks, pikes and squats, the Ballet Bootcamp official playlist began and we were off. Nobody stopped for the next 41 minutes, steaming up the windows and pushing through the five key, carefully designed sections of the workout;

Warm-up – including a muscle burning series of isometric pliés and transfers

Arms – working first and second port de bras and killer third arabesque switches for an upper body of ballerina proportions

Cardio – the section where we swap pliés for planks and transfers for twists. It takes your heart rate up and doesn’t let you stop for a tea break!

Mat – a total body section which works legs, glutes, core and upper body, the final push to sculpt out dancer like muscles

Stretch – finally, lengthen and elongate those burning muscles with stretches to open out the body and bring the heart rate back down.

As in our Sleek live classes, we all finished together, in first position, up on demi-pointe, arms in fifth showing the strength, control and length we’d created during class. It was an amazing thing to look around the studio of 100 amazing women who all looked longer and stronger than when they walked into the room an hour earlier, holding their balance like dancers do every day. As cheesy as it sounds, Vicky and I high fived each other which definitely spread through the studio!

The incredible response we have had from the day has led us to include a Get Sweaty Ballet Bootcamp class on our timetable so that Sleekers across the world can try out this awesome total body workout with a Sleek trainer’s eye to push them through. Book your spot today and try out our revolutionary, dancer body workout!

See you in the Sleek studio soon!


PS Watch this space for the release of our next Ballet Bootcamp series coming to our Sleek on demand library in the Spring!

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