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16 March 2014

Hello Sleekers!

Following on from our widely successful Ballet Bootcamp Get Fit for Free campaign with fitness fashion brand Sweaty Betty, the anticipated arrival of our incredible Sleek Ballet Bootcamp On Demand workout has meant it is flying off the Sleek virtual shelves. So many of you, whether Sleek regulars or hearty first timers, are loving this challenging 30 minute total ballet body workout which includes new, low impact exercise combinations to fit easily into your life and sculpt you into ballet body shape.

Want to know how to get the most out of your Sleek Ballet Bootcamp workout? Read on for tips from creators Flik Swan and Victoria Marr.

Flik: To maximise your Sleek online fitness training it’s essential to be consistent – it really is key to getting great results! Aim to do your Sleek Ballet Bootcamp class 2-3 times a week, not including mixing it up with a Sleek live class or one other Sleek On Demand workout too. Add our Dancer Refined abs or New Perfect Pro Legs workout into your regime once a week and you are going to accelerate the positive changes to your fitness and physique. If you need help with putting a monthly workout plan together, ask us – we’re always here to help!

Victoria: You don’t need a lot of space, or any equipment except a chair for your Sleek Ballet Bootcamp class but you do need 30 minutes of time to get through the entire workout so that you’re warming up, working out, stretching and cooling down your body correctly. This is so important for firing up your muscles in the right order. Not only will this help prevent injury but it will allow your body to work to its optimum. If you are low on time try one of our shorter On Demand workouts from start to finish instead (our Cardio Ballet Blast is just 10 minutes of intense cardio exercise) and save your Sleek Ballet Bootcamp for a day when you can.

Flik: Engage your core… all the time! I know you constantly hear us saying things like this during Sleek live class; “tummy button through to spine” “abs draw in” “strong in your centre” and you probably wish we’d stop but it all absolutely counts towards getting your core super lean and strong! Don’t stop when you’re working out alone either. Whether you’re in plié, plank or a mat stretch think about your core throughout and you’ll firm up much faster.

Victoria: During the Ballet Bootcamp barre class exercises avoid taking any tension in your neck and shoulders by gripping your chair or barre too hard. The barre should feel like an extension of your arm, a guide to keep you on your standing leg. Direct your energy into your core (see Flik’s tip above) rather than into your holding arm and shoulder – you’ll notice a huge improvement in your balance when practicing exercises off the barre too.

Flik: Enjoy. Sleek Ballet Bootcamp is a challenging workout but its fun, effective and you definitely don’t have to nail it straight away. Vicky and I workout together when we create our new Sleek classes for you and we don’t look perfect by any means. In fact if you stay to the very end of our Sleek Ballet Bootcamp workout you’ll see for yourself. Even the pros have a giggle from time to time!

Flik and Victoria x

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