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27 July 2014

Sleek Advanced body sculpting programme

Bite sized ballet based workouts to stream instantly and shape your body from the comfort of home. Ballet body here we come…

Day 1
Try New Barre Technique and New Dancer Refined Abs together to get your upper and lower body going.

Day 2
An all over body day and a metabolism kick start with Ballet Bootcamp or Cardio Blast followed by Pure Stretch

Day 3
Elegant toning upper body work with Ballerina Back and Arms

Day 4
Try New Perfect Pro Legs + Pure Stretch to firm your bottom and shape, tone and lengthen the look of your legs

Day 5
Original 15min Barre tech combined with New Dancer Refined Abs for focussed shaping of upper and lower body

Day 6
Repeat Ballet Bootcamp or Ballerina Back and Arms followed by Pure Stretch

Day 7
Rest or try Sleek Flex and Stretch workout to fire up and tone without over loading your muscles.

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