A Week Of Sleek – Beginners Programme

4 August 2014

A Week Of Sleek – Beginners Workout Guide

Day 1&2

Aim: Get the technique and nail the positions. Switch on all the right muscles to get the most out of every exercise.

1 Combine Flex and Stretch 30mins with Classical Cardio Intro 15mins (Daily total 45 )

2 Combine Barre Technique 15mins with Classical Cardio Intro 15mins (Daily total 30)

Day 3&4

Aim: Slim, strengthen and define your core and upper body, continue to shape your legs.

3 Combine Dancer Refined Abs 15mins with Ballerina Back and Arms 17mins (Daily total 32)

4 Combine Barre Technique 15mins with Classical Cardio 2 20mins (Daily total 35)

Day 5&6

Aim: work the upper and lower body adding cardio and stretch

5 Combine Dancer Refined Abs 15mins or Ballerina Back and Arms 17mins with Cardio Blast 10 mins (Daily total 40/42)

6 Combine New Barre Technique 25mins with Pure Stretch 17mins (Daily total 42)

Day 7 Your favourite Sleek workout so far or try challenging yourself to a full body Sleek Ballet Bootcampworkout 32min (Daily total 32)

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