Why a Perfect Plié is your Body’s Best Friend

21 August 2014

A smooth plié is part of the effortless look that we try to achieve when Sleeking whether practiced on its own or as a transition into another step.

To let your body get the most out of your plié in any position there are a few things to think about.

Firstly make sure to keep your spine pulled up, no collapsing the upper body forward as you bend. Keep the knees aligned with the middle toes; rolling the knees inwards or trying to overturn the feet out is a definite no no! If you’re at the barre and going into grande plié then concentrate on aiming your tailbone between your feet and allow the heels to lift naturally. Fluidity is the key!

When coming out of a plié press down with your legs but lift up in the body. Think about sealing the entire backs of the legs together at the top, pull your knee caps up and squeeze your glutes.

Practiced like this you will have engaged your calves, glutes, thighs, hamstrings and core, toning the lower body and strengthening the muscles around your knee, exactly as a professional ballet dancer would. You will find pliés in all of your Sleek workouts but if you really want to concentrate on this effective movement then drop into a Barre Technique or Perfect Pro Legs live class or stream them direct to your chosen device and perfect your daily dose of body beautiful pliés!

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