Is your Body Ready for Autumn?

12 September 2014

After enjoying a long Sleek Summer of beach body workouts, the nights are drawing in for many of us and Autumn has arrived. The cooler, shorter days of Autumn and Winter can be less motivational when it comes to working out which is why your fast, effective and super convenient Sleek workouts are the perfect remedy for staying committed to exercise over the coming months. But how and why?

Stay Committed to Working Out

A 2008 study reported published in PLoS One reported that seasonal changes in mood caused by the change in light cycles can greatly increase your risk for metabolic syndrome weight gain. The good news is your Sleek workouts can offset that. Mix a metabolism boosting Cardio Ballet Blast into your weekly Sleek regime and you will see off any seasonal additions to your waistline hassle free.

Eat More Carbs

As the season changes from Summer to Autumn, it’s a good idea to increase your carbohydrate intake. The Autumn and Winter months can cause many of us to experience a mild form of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Adding more carbs to your diet including sweet potatoes and whole grains like rye, spelt and bulgar wheat drives tryptophan into your brain where it is converted into the feel good neurotransmitter serotonin and helps see off the seasonal slump. Another benefit to this? Your energy levels will be higher so you will have more energy to burn in class, perfect for those of you keen to try out our longer 45 minute Compact and 55 minute Classic live classes but weren’t sure when to make the jump.

Supplement Vitamin D

Even during the summer months many of us don’t get enough of the stuff so adding a daily supplement will your help your body maintain optimum blood levels when it is less able to convert the vitamin from sunlight. Vitamin D is so important for bone health, weight loss and immune function which is even more important as the cold and flu season hits us.

Get your Sleeker’s High

Finally, as the end of the year looms so too does party season. Our confidence levels can be effected if we don’t commit to regular exercise, which means the office party can seem less and less enticing. Self-esteem is a key psychological benefit of regular physical activity, especially as the seasons change. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that trigger a positive feeling in the body. That euphoric feeling you experience when you’ve completed a Sleek workout can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook. So you’re ready to enjoy the party wearing whatever takes your fancy!

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