New 10 Days of Sleek Programme

12 September 2014

Working new muscles can cause some soreness. During this 10 day programme we recommend you take a rest day or 2 but not consecutively if possible. By day 10 rest assured (pardon the pun) you will be looking and feeling leaner, firmer and more Sleek!

Day 1

Aim: Get the technique to get the maximum benefit from every exercise. Combine Classical Cardio Intro 1 and Barre Technique 2.

Total time 40mins

Day 2

Aim: Slim, strengthen and define your core. Warm up with Classical Cardio 2 followed by New Dancer Refined Abs.

Total time 40mins

Day 3

Aim: Upper body tone and elegance. New Ballerina Back and Arms.

Total time 30mins

Day 4

Aim: Burn calories fast and start to reveal the long lengthened muscle definition you are creating. New Cardio Ballet Blast. Finish with Pure Stretch.

Total time 37mins

Day 5

Aim: total body tuning. Ballet Bootcamp all the way!

Total time 30mins

Day 6

Aim: Perfect your pins. Your choice of New Perfect Pro Legs or Tondue and Tone

Total time 30mins

Day 7

Aim: Core tone and strength. New Core Adage or New Dancer Refined Abs.

Total time 20 to 30mins

Day 8

Aim: total body toning. Original Ballet bootcamp

Total time 30mins

Day 9

Aim: Upper body beautiful Ballerina Back and Arms

Total time 30 mins

Day 10 Aim: Advanced total body firming NEW Ballet Bootcamp

Total time 30mins

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