An appetite for destruction

18 October 2014

The food industry

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen in the last decade is in the food industry. In the 90s two cups of coffee with sweeteners could have passed for breakfast – these days people are far more aware of the importance of good nutrition in regards to their weight and bodily heath but what about in regards to their mood?

Shaping your ballet beautiful body would be so easy if you jumped out of bed every morning in the best mood, motivated and ready to hit your Sleek workout! Some days however, we can feel inexplicably less game than others and the call of an extra half hour in bed can be deafening.

So what is the recipe for that extra spring in your step? For that bright and positive mood that encourages you to want to be active and keep up your health and fitness regime? The links between exercise, food and weight have been well documented – but what about the links between exercise, food and mood? The effects of exercise on your mood is something we will be looking at in more detail in coming weeks but with anxiety and depression now so common in our society, how our diet affects our mood and emotions is now being given more importance .

‘According to a new survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, the millennial generation is the most depressed and anxious current living generation. We also happens to be the one which eats the most processed food….What we pass on down our family line is not only a pattern of anxiety for example, but a way of eating that supports that state……

As the Winter nights draw in and our hours of daylight are reduced (another known factor to have a negative impact on our mood) eating well to help break this cycle because even more important.

You will find some nutritionally balanced snacks here on our Sleek Technique blog pages now and in future posts to help sustain both your mood, energy and vitality – but for a more in depth look at the links between diet and mood, look out for a new find of ours… The PlantPlus Diet Solution: Personalised Nutrition for Life In her new book, author and cell biologist Joan Borysenko explores the fascinating links between food, genetics and mood.

Happy Sleeking

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