5 Day mini Sleek Week

2 November 2014

Day 1

Aim: Fire up shape and tone your legs while strengthening your whole core.

Core Adage

Total time 30mins

Day 2

Aim: Toned and elegant upper body.

Ballerina Back and Arms

Total time 30mins

Day 3

Aim: Take inches off your waist and firm and define.

Sassy Showgirl followed by new Dancer Refined Abs

Total time 36mins

Day 4

Aim: Burn calories fast and start to reveal the long lengthened muscle definition you are creating.

Ballet Bootcamp or new Ballet Bootcamp

Total time 30mins

Day 5

Aim: Leg shaping and cardio improvement

Barre Technique 2 or Cardio Blast Followed by Pure Stretch

Total time 37/42mins

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