What to Wear to the Barre? Balletto Body

8 November 2014

What and Who is Balletto Body?

I came across Balletto Body by chance on our Sleek Technique instagram feed when an image of a dancer in an eye catching blue and black leotard flashed up. I found myself hitting ‘like’ and clicking on to the website link above. Balletto Body is a collection of dance and active wear designed in Australia by international model and dancer Simone Kerr. With only 5 pieces in the latest collection all in a stunning array of specially selected colours, I could see straight away that these were expertly thought out, beautifully designed leotards and two pieces. I couldn’t wait to try them out and see if they were high performance too so I ordered a selection and kept my fingers crossed.

Styles, Colours and the Big Thumbs Up

My Balletto Body pieces arrived quickly considering they were travelling all the way to the UK. Despite the lovely packaging I ripped open the parcel right away and flew upstairs to try them on. Now, like Victoria, I’ve seen a fair few leotards in my life. In fact if you name any dance wear company, I’m sure that between us we have at least three of each brand in our wardrobes, so I feel reasonably well qualified to give you a knowledgable opinion on any part of a dancer’s kit. I loved the Balletto pieces straight away. The feel, fit and comfort of the Lauren leotard I was trying was excellent. I ordered black which is flattering by nature but on trying some of the bolder blue and orange colours I was pleasantly surprised to find these bright, statement pieces equally as silhouette enhancing. I even tried on the Lily two piece in light blue which is out of my usual style comfort zone and thought the pop of colour was fantastic, form fitting and actually great fun to wear. It’s perfect Sleek Ballet Bootcamp™ workout attire and as it’s salt and chlorine friendly too, I’ll definitely be taking it on my next holiday – double bonus! Do check out all the colours when browsing but ‘titanium’ grey and light blue are two of my favourites.

HIgh Performance Sleek Wear

Sleek Technique classes are challenging and graceful, so you want to feel and look the part whether you’re mid Cardio Ballet Blast or Core Adage workout and the Balletto range looks like it covers that by the photos alone! Now I know what you’re thinking, Simone is a model and the pictures of her on the Balletto Body website are stunning, she’s all long limbs and a waspish waist so of course she makes her range look impressive. I won’t argue with that at all, I would imagine she would look good in a bin bag. What I will honestly say is she has designed each piece to be practical and flattering for all bodies and the black signature waistband isn’t there to look pretty alone, it really gives you an awareness of your waist and helps you to keep your hips and pelvis correctly aligned while working out… so your core will love a Balletto Body treat too! I have worn both the Peggy and Lauren in class already and I didn’t need to fiddle with straps or leg lines once, neither did I feel constricted as I moved through centre, barre and mat work.

Sleekers Treat!

Many of our lovely live Sleekers already picked up a Balletto Body piece or two after class with me and our super streaming Sleekers will see Victoria and I wearing signature BB in some of our forthcoming 2015 Sleek Streaming releases. If you fancy nabbing any of the range for yourself then Sleekers get an exclusive 20% discount at checkout with the code SLEEKERS …so If you do pick up a Peggy or try out a Tiah it’ll feel even better!

Happy Sleeking!


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