Simple Health Tips that won’t Spoil your Festive Fun

19 December 2014

How to keep healthy, fit and active without sacrificing the more pleasurable things in life such as a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc, pizza with the girls and late, lazy mornings curled up under the duvet isn’t the easiest balance to achieve for most of us. Incorporating exercise and healthy eating into our daily routine without enforcing a strict regime and losing the things we love by these few simple habits will get you feeling great and keep you in tip top shape hassle free, says Sleek’s Flik Swan

Stick to the Body Basics

Even when it’s the holidays I will keep to what works for me and my body without throwing all my usual principles out of the window. For me that’s a balanced vegetarian diet with plenty of veggies, fresh juices and water. I like to try out different foods when I’m away from home or on a few days break but that doesn’t mean a daily routine of pizza and chips. If you add higher fat and calorie content foods to one meal then balance these out with your next two meals by eating something your body will thrive on – namely fresh green salads, proteins such as lentils or tuna, or chicken for the meat eaters. It’s absolutely fine to relax and enjoy yourself provided you keep the basic healthy principles in mind – we’re talking realistic balance not stringent torture!

Try a Meat Free Day

While we’re on the subject of meat, for those of you who love it, it’s definitely worth trying a once a week vegetarian day. Sound dull? Lisa Lillian author of eight best selling healthy cookbooks disagrees:

“People who love meat will find that they can enjoy a full day’s worth of meals that are completely meat-free. And slowly, they might incorporate more veggie dishes into their diets.”

Need some more motivation and inspiration for this, especially over the Festive season? My Sleek BBF (Best Ballerina Friend) Victoria Marr recently bought me a fantastic vegetarian cook book called Plenty by NON-vegetarian genius chef Yotom Ottolenghi. It’s fast turned into my favourite go to food bible and with recipes from Puy Lentil Gallates to Crusty Pumpkin Wedges with soured cream, you will more than tick your body’s healthy satisfaction box if you try them out once a week.

Fill your fitness likes for You!

It’s no lie that the very best exercise you can do is the one you truly love doing. Exercise covers lots spectrums so take a look at what you truly enjoy and then find the easiest way to fit it into your routine regularly and consistently, even over the holiday season. For me, like so many of you, that’s Sleek Technique Ballet fitness has become so popular because it incorporates artistry with physical movement that beautifully challenges and sculpts your body. And because Sleek’s handy online live class and streaming workout format and offline European DVD and US DVD collection allows 24/7 access to all things ballet fit, it needn’t be a chore to jump off the couch and switch on your computer, laptop or smartphone and practice a Sleek workout…even if you fancy doing that on Christmas Day!

Go Easy on the Drinking

With the hectic pressure of 21st Century life, it’s not uncommon for many of us to allow drinking to creep into the week, until it ends up as a nightly habit.

“It’s very easy for half a bottle of wine shared between two people to become a bottle. Once you’re drinking every day, it’s quite easy to consume the number of units that start making liver doctors worried. If you drink on a regular basis, you will develop a tolerance. You need more alcohol to have the same effect. Having a rest from it can help to reset your tolerance levels” says Dr Nick Sheron, consultant hepatologist at the University of Southampton.

Cutting out drinking from Monday to Wednesday, or taking a total break from the hard stuff between Christmas and New Year is much better for our health and will help us look, feel and function better. Enjoy your chosen glass on these other nights and you won’t feel you’re losing out on one of life’s pleasures but will still have the smug vitality of Gwyneth Paltrow to your name come January… just in time for your latest Sleek streaming workout release.

Happy Christmas Sleekers!

Flik x

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