Get Your 2015 Physique at Sleek Peak

4 January 2015

We are constantly refreshing our Sleek workouts so that you get the best for your body with minimum fuss. With so many awesome workouts to choose from we have put together some killer workout combinations for you to enjoy. Join us in our Sleek live classes for more ballerina body workouts created by Flik and Victoria or take your pick from these 4 suggested Workout Combinations…

Combo 1

Aim: Fat Burn and Body Sculpting

Cardio Blast– Streaming video

Sassy Showgirl– Streaming video

Total Time 36mins

Combo 2

Aim: Core and Upper Body Slim and Refine

Ballerina Back and Arms– Streaming video

Dancer Refined Abs 2– Streaming video

Total Time 50mins

Combo 3

Aim: Toned, Lean Legs

NEW Sleek Barre Technique Streaming Video OR Sleek Barre Technique 1 – Sleek DVD

Perfect Pro Legs – Streaming video

Total Time 50mins

Combo 4

Aim: Burn Calories Fast

Warm Up – Sleek Ballet Body DVD

Sleek Ballet Bootcamp™ 2 – Sleek Ballet Bootcamp DVD

Pure Stretch – Streaming Video

Total Time 37mins

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