Combine to Refine

12 January 2015

Once you have cleared a small space at home ( or wherever you have internet!) simply login and stream the workouts you want from our Sleek video library. Or try joining a live online class to give you a motivational push and improve your technique. Working with good technique ensures you get the most benefit from every exercise. Here are a few more killer combos to keep you on track this Sleek week.

Combo 1

Aim: Shaping your legs and polish your technique

Classical Cardio Intro 2 – Streaming video

New Barre Technique – Streaming video

Sleek Stretch – Streaming video

Total time 54 mins

Combo 2

Aim: Perfect limbs:

Your choice of Perfect Pro Legs streaming video or Sassy Showgirl – Sleek DVD.

Ballerina Back and Arms -Sleek DVD

Total time 20 to 40mins

Combo 3

Aim: Core tone and strength.

Standing Abs followed by Mat Abs – Sleek DVD Total time 40mins

Combo 4

Aim: Push it to the max!

Ballet Bootcamp – Streaming Video or Ballet bootcamp 3 – Sleek DVD

NEW Sleek Stretch

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