First time on the Fitness FROW!

22 February 2015

Sleek or Rest?

There are two ways to go with Sundays. Either it is your day to get some serious Sleek workouts ticked off or its your chance to take a break from all your hard work during the Sleek week. For the Sleek team and in line with the way professional dancers train and rehearse, Sunday is a chance to take some rest, hang out with friends and family, stretch a little and check out what the rest of the world is doing. After another fantastic week of live classes with regular and new Sleekers coming into the online studio and working hard on our growing library of streaming videos, Victoria and I have embraced a day off in two different ways – both of which we are loving! While Victoria takes in some sunshine with her family in sunny Egypt, I went down to the ME Hotel on London’s The Strand to view the latest sports luxe pieces from talented young designer Charli Cohen in her debut catwalk show.

Hitting the FROW!

Some of you will remember that the Sleek team including Sophie, Victoria and myself modelled the Cloudbreak Collection for Charli at last year’s London Fashion Week, so it was exciting to be on the other side this time round, surrounded by the fash pack, press, photgraphers and catwalk crew. Fear not Sleekers, I made sure I didn’t turn up in jeans and a T shirt and made a lot of effort to look as effortlessly stylish as possible… I also dragged my husband along for support, much to his panic and despair: “A catwalk show? Er…Will there be any other guys there…?” I said nothing!

There were queues around the corner of the hotel’s entrance to see Charli’s latest Fight Club collection and rows of fitness friendly women (and some men!) sitting and standing behind the seated rows, all with iphones and tablets at the ready and picking up the Women’s Health and Blk Water goody bags. The sheer number of people created an electric atmosphere and when the lights dimmed and the DJ started playing a clip from the movie Fight Club and a club style play list kicked off, it made me feel lucky to have such a great seat. When the models emerged they were strong, toned women beautifully showing off this fierce but feminine collection of luxury active wear pieces. My eye was drawn to a silver cape that would make any girl feel good in the rain and of course a leotard style black ‘body’ with a racer back that would definitely inspire me to work hard in Ballerina Back and Arms workouts.

“Movement, physiology and watching people train…”

I knew this wouldn’t be a run of the mill catwalk show as Charli gets her design inspiration from “movement, physiology and watching people train”, something that resonates so well with Victoria and I as professional dancers. I loved that the show included Capoeria style movement to really demonstrate how well the fabrics work and move, something that is important in active wear however stylish. The fact you could shop the collection then and there via The Edit app was brilliantly dangerous but 21st century shopping in full swing.

Take a Bow

The show was a hit and afterwards I got a chance to congratulate the busy Charli and say hello to one of our Sleekers Cat Meffan, founder of fitness blog Imperfect Matter. Cat modelled the Aeriel Bra and Laser Leggings in the show with the best set of Dancer Refined Abs on the block!

A catwalk show FROW has definitely made this one of my more glamourous Sundays and one I shall remember. I’m home now feeling extra inspired for my classes this week so watch out Sleekers, there’ll be no Capoeria but there will definitely be some high leg battements in its place!

Happy Sleeking


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