March Midriff Melt Away

6 March 2015

New Dancer Refined Abs is a 30 minute head to toe workout with a strong focus on your abdominals. It uses an innovative combination of flowing, ballet based movements with counter rotation and cross stretching to gain maximum length, strength and tone in your core without any bulking. It is a method of working that is quite unique to Sleek and is far more effective that conventional crunchies or sit ups. We work for balanced strength through your tummy back and sides to improve posture, help prevent back problem and really melt away your midriff.

Women naturally store more fat than men on their tummy and hips, it’s natures way of giving a bit of added protection to our ever so important reproductive area. How much extra we store here is a lot down to our lifestyle. Introducing New Dancer Refined Abs into your routine 3 times a week with it’s focused, heart raising balletic combinations, you will see a marked difference in the size, firmness and tone of your stomach and hip area.

With this natural predisposition to deposit fat in these places, we have to also address diet to make the biggest impact. In last months blog we talked about the natural power of fat burning foods like chilli, lemon and cinnamon. But if you spend less time in the kitchen and more time on the go then a supplement like that from the Active Woman range may give you the added help you need here. Much like Sleek, Bio Synergy have designed this range specifically with a woman’s body in mind. They contain natural ingredients and whether increased energy or pure fat burning is your goal, combined with your workouts products like Active Woman Define or Active Woman Refine can accelerate your Sleeking results. If you are serious about showing off your new dancer refined abs, they help to boost your metabolism, curbing your sugar cravings and convert fat to energy more efficiently revealing more definition.

Bio Synergy is offering Sleek customers a 10% discount on all products. Simply enter code ST10 at the checkout.

It’s a powerful March midriff melting combination to see you looking and feeling your Sleek best into Spring!

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