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26 April 2015

Spring is here and with Summer around the corner we attempt to be more conscious about what we are putting into our bodies in order to feel our best – a healthy spring-clean, if you like. For a lot of people, a short cleanse is the kick start their system needs. This is where the body is given a breather from heavier, harder-to-digest foods in favour of more nutrient-rich and highly digestible juices and soups containing super foods such as barley grass, chlorella, triphala and wheatgrass. The benefit of this is that the energy usually used for digestion can now be deployed elsewhere, making it beneficial for repair and renewal processes.

Emotional and environmental stress and toxicity can set up sensitivity in the gut that can lead to leaks or inflammation. This means over time, or sometimes quite quickly in the case of trauma, you can find yourself not able to eat what you once could without discomfort. This is because your body is no longer strong and resilient enough to tolerate the chemicals or toxins in those foods. Common examples include gluten or dairy

Try to eliminate stress from your life, or adapt your techniques for managing it. Regular low impact exercise will help with this. A 30 minutes of Sleek workout daily or at least 3 times a week. Then eliminate high-allergy ingredients such as gluten, dairy, yeast, wheat and sugar for a while to take the burden off your system. Listen to your gut. We often talk about a ‘gut feeling’ or an ‘inner knowing’ – this might have something to do with the 100 million or so neurons found in our gut (more than the number found in the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system). These neurons allow your stomach to keep in touch with the brain and influence our emotional state.

For an inner Spring clean try…..

Happy Tummy Smoothie Recipe

1 peeled cooked beetroot

1 kiwi

Handful of frozen berries

Half an apple

Handful of spinach leaves

4 tbsp water or unpasteurised coconut water

1tsp aloe vera powder (cooling and healing)

1tsp marshmallow powder (creates a sticky substance to coat membranes and reduce inflammation)

Place everything in a blender until smooth and drink!

For more recipes like this try

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