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3 May 2015

Having spent at day at The Mind, Body, Spirit Festival this weekend where we held one of our Sleek Technique workshops to a packed crowd of mindful, happy, well-beings, it got me thinking about how a positive outlook can affect our everyday life in so many areas. How we look at life helps to reduce stress levels, boosts self-esteem and even improves health and fitness, according to the Mayo Clinic. Additional health benefits include lesser rates of depression, improved resistance to the common cold and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Positive thinking helps us enjoy life by having a healthy outlook and attitude when life’s adversities come our way says health writer Rachel Nall, so here’s five things you can do to keep negativity at bay.

Start Your Day Positively

Negative thinkers tend to begin a day thinking something will go wrong. Instead, focus on the aspects of your day that could go right and what you are looking forward to about your day, says Rachel.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

A lifestyle that emphasizes healthy eating and stress relief helps you to help your mood positively. As we know, exercising a minimum of three times a week equals a more positive mood so get booking those Sleek live classes and streaming a video workout or two and it won’t just be your waistline and posture that reaps the benefits.

Find Positive Friends

Surrounding yourself with positive people can help you find the support and encouragement you need to live a positive life both in the flesh and online. We love our Sleek community and know lots of you have made wonderful connections across the globe through our twitterinstagram and Facebook pages as well as through joining our interactive live classes. Whether its a coffee and catch up, a group trip to the ballet or a quick chat on screen before or after class, embrace the beauty of upbeat friends and take heart from each others fortunes.

Do Something You Love

When you find something that makes you happy and continue to practice what you love, you feel uplifted. Whether pursuing a new hobby or creative outlet, try something you have always wanted to do and allow yourself to succeed. Do not think about the negatives or how you could fail. If Core Adage workout is more of a wobble fest for you but you love it, then jump back in and revel in the art of persistency, after all, even Sylvie Guillem wobbles some days!

And finally… Practice

We all know ballet is wonderfully challenging and it takes practice which is why we need regular classes to improve (and improve we all do!) When it comes to positive thinking, practice really does make perfect. The more you reinforce positive thinking, the more likely you are to continue this line of thinking.

Happy positive thinking and see you all soon!


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