Rehydration, rehydration, rehydration

9 August 2015

Nearly two thirds of the human body is water. Water is an essential nutrient that is involved in every function of the body. It helps transport nutrients in and waste products out of cells. It is necessary for all digestive, absorption, circulatory, and excretory functions as well as for assimilating water-soluble vitamins. Water also helps maintain proper body temperature and is especially essential to consume before, during and after your Sleek Technique ballet workouts

But why rehydrate if I don’t feel thirsty?

Because proper hydration improves the quality of your workout, reduces fatigue, reduces recovery time, and increases your level of satisfaction, it is especially important for you to hydrate yourself before as well as after your Sleek workout session. Keep in mind that thirst is not the best scale by which to measure whether or not you are well hydrated. If your urine is the color of lemonade, you’re doing well; if by chance it is leaning toward the color of apple juice, you need to reach for another glass of fluid… water to hand it is then Sleekers!

Sounds fair but water tastes a little boring!

Well the best way to get water into your body is by drinking plain water. But other beverages, such as fruit juices, milk, and noncaffeinated drinks, can hydrate the body because they contain a high percentage of water. In addition, fruits and vegetables can be good water sources so stock up on the likes of water melon, cucumber and celery for added fluid boosts you can munch on. And while ice cream definitely doesn’t count, ice lollies do, plus they’re an easy way to help your hydration levels while enjoying a sweet treat AND getting one of your fruit targets for the day… so everyone’s a winner!

Try making these fruity, healthy lollies with super rehydrating coconut water and have them to hand in your freezer post Sleek class:

Blackberry and Peach – blend 1 cup of blackberries, 2 ripe peaches and 150mls coconut water and freeze

Strawberry and Banana – blend 300g strawberries, 2 medium bananas and 300mls coconut milk and freeze

Mango, Lime and Papaya – blend the flesh of 1 mango and 1 papaya with the juice of 1 lime and 300mls coconut water and freeze

For more ice lolly recipes check out Eat Well Live Well and happy Summer Sleeking!

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