Hit the barre to burn

16 August 2015

The rise in popularity of ballet and barre based workouts as a means to sculpt out a ballerina like physique, has seen more and more women hitting the barre for the fantastic muscle toning and lengthening results this type of training delivers. Sleek is leading the charge in this type of workout and no more so than with their latest release NEW Barre and Burn

Lower body strength and length is targeted like nothing else in this dancers staple. If you are keen to try it for yourself there isn’t even any need to hunt down a suitable studio or put on a pair of unsightly pink tights in public. Sleektechnique.com offer a range of barre and other ballet based workouts to stream online from home or from wherever you have a bit of space and wifi.

These workouts range in length from 15 to 30 minutes and believe me 15 to 30 minutes has never counted so much! Firing up and shaping muscles you didn’t even know you had, you will feel and see changes in your body shape, tone and posture almost instantly.

How to refuel after this body shake up?

Starting any new exercise regime can be taxing on your body. Working perfectly hand in hand, Bio Synergy’sRefuel provides the protein needed to mould those new muscles at the barre, the vitamins needed in efficient energy metabolism and to safeguard bone and muscle tissue, as well as creatine and electrolytes to improve your recovery and up your energy levels throughout your plies, tendues and port de bras.

Try Sleek’s 15 minute barre taster workout FREE when you register your email HERE. Loving the leaness? Then try their latest 30 minute body sculpting release, NEW Sleek Barre Technique and Burn and have your Refuel at the ready!

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