A week of Baby Sleek…

19 October 2015

Day 1: Engage and Align

Flex and Stretch, followed by Barre Technique 1, finish with Relax – Total 37mins

Day 2: Flow with your Body and Bump

Sleek Flow, followed by Relax – Total 20 mins

Day 3: Total Body Define

Barre Technique 1, followed by Ballerina Back and Arms on the mat, finish with Relax – Total 31mins

Day 4: Stretch, Lengthen and Unwind

Flex and Stretch followed by Relax -Total 23mins

Day 5: Energise and Tone

Barre Technique 2 followed by Sleek Flow and relax -Total 34mins

Day 6: Legs, Heart, Mind

Barre Technique 2 followed by Classical Cardio and Relax – Total 31mins

Day 7: Rest

…Or mix and match your Baby Sleek bundle for a balanced programme of workouts to sculpt you and bump in 10 to 60 minute sessions from 3 times a week, the choice is yours!

Happy Sleeking Mamas, F&V x

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