Sleek Streaming Workout programme

24 November 2015

You can take two rest days with this programme but not consecutively if possible. It can be rotated for 4 weeks.

Day 1

Aim: Perfect your technique, shape and tone your legs dancer style!

Barre and Burn +Classical Cardio 3

Total time 45mins

Day 2

Aim: Ballerina upper body tone

New Ballerina Back & Arms Blast or Ballerina Back and Arms 2

Total time 15mins/30mins

Day 3

Aim: Core strength

Core Adage or Dancer Refined Abs 4

Total time 30mins

Day 4

Aim:Total body workout and lengthen

Flex, Stretch & Tone + Sleek Ballet Bootcamp 3

Total time 60mins

Day 5

Aim: Push your pulse, lean and lengthen

Perfect Pro Legs 2Pure Stretch

Total time 47mins

Day 6

Aim: Upper body blast – Arms and Abs

New Sleek Mat Abs + Ballerina Back & Arms Blast

Total time 25mins

Day 7

Aim: Long, lengthened legs, firm core

Barre 3 + New Sleek Mat Abs

Total time 41mins

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