Spring back into Sleek Shape

25 May 2016

Using our latest releases to build your ballerina body. Carefully structured, fun, dance based workouts to challenge, shape and satisfy your inner dancer. This rotation can be repeated for up to 4 weeks. You can take 2 rest days in a week but not consecutively if possible.

Day 1

Aim: Technique prep and polish

Classical Cardio 3 + New Sleek Stretch

Total time 32 mins

Day 2

Aim: Shape and tone your limbs dancer style!

NEW Perfect Pro Legs out 1st June! + Ballerina back & Arms+

Total time 37mins

Day 3

Aim: Cardio dance kick

Cardio Ballet Blast

Total time 25 mins

Day 4

Aim: Concentrated core firming

Core Adage Barre + Mat Abs

Total time 35 mins

Day 5

Aim:Lusious legs

Sleek Barre Technique

Total time 30 mins

Day 6

Aim: Lean and lengthen

New Sleek Stretch

Total time 18mins

Day 7

Aim: Sculpted legs and compact core

Perfect Pro Legs 3 + Sleek Mat Abs

Total time 25 mins

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