Sleeking with a Baby! How… and When?

22 September 2016

It’s no secret that Victoria, my life long friend, Sleek co-founder and fellow professional dancer, and I, gave birth to our baby boys a few months ago and within the space of 4 weeks of each other. Since then life has been a wonderful whirl for us both, with SleekBaby Sleek and of course with parenthood. Our sons, Cassian and Isaac, have bought us even closer together in our long friendship, there is now even more shared understanding between us as we discuss sleeping, Calpol, weaning and other such new and previously unthought of experiences in our households!

But there is something that has remained the same for us both throughout our pregnancies and our recent entrance into motherhood – taking time to keep our bodies healthy and strong. And it’s no secret again that we practice what we preach; Teaching, creating and practicing our Sleek workouts is how we’ve stayed within a healthy weight range throughout and made a strong recovery in order to return to the online studio. We’re very happy to be back and grateful that we’ve returned to find our Sleekers looking stronger, leaner and more ballerina body fit than ever thanks to our amazing team of Sleek Principal Trainers, Sophie and Elisabeth.

So how is the juggle of two bouncing baby boys and a barre? Essentially, there are 3 things that I keep in my mind to help with my motivation to keep my pliés going while fitting in being a mum.

  1. Staying positive and thinking about the end goal. I will feel better, more energised and happier if I ignore the trivial to do list and grab my mat instead. Sometimes the washing up has to wait. Sometimes I have to dig deep and do it after baby’s bedtime. Either way, I feel good afterwards and I never have to go far to do it – I can always find a space somewhere in my house despite the chaos.
  2. Not over pushing myself. Whether that was taking it slowly at the end of my pregnancy and when returning to Sleek, or realising that if I now only have 20 minutes while the little man is napping to do a quick stretch, barre sequence or a short Sleek streaming workout. I use that time extra wisely and feel I thoroughly deserve it and I don’t beat myself up that I haven’t managed anything more.
  3. Taking it each day at a time BUT making the time each day for something physical. Victoria and I are in the studio 3 or 4 days a week which helps with staying motivated and on top of our health and fitness but on our days out of the studio we still get moving. Cassian and I get out in the pram, or we head over to a soft play area and burn some energy together. I keep hydrated and he keeps me on my toes!

Ultimately, the ease of being able to keep sleeking at home while my son naps or daddy or nanna can keep an eye on him is a real godsend and many of you have been doing this all along. It can be done, and you can get on with your life, whatever is filling it!

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