10 reasons to try Ballet Bootcamp Encore

18 October 2016

10 Reasons To Try Ballet Bootcamp EnCORE

Over 1.2 million views later, our most popular workout ever Ballet Bootcamp is back for an enCORE. After toning and honing physiques worldwide, we’ve teamed up with Sweaty Betty to take the workout to the next level. With a serious focus on the core, this ballet-fusion workout is ready to work your entire body. Here are ten reasons to try it out:

  1. This workout is the ballerina’s secret to a strong core. Based on Core Adage, an exercise series performed by dancers to improve balance, core strength and tone the abs, you won’t find the workout anywhere else online.
  2. You’ll target multiple muscle groups. From thigh burning plies to gentle arm movements and curtsy lunges to target the glutes, no area goes untouched.
  3. There’s a reason this workout is called enCORE, whether you’re working the legs or abs, each movement is focused around creating a strong core.
  4. Short and sweet. At just under 40 minutes long, this free online video is easy to slot into even the busiest schedule.
  5. The combination of low-impact cardio and isometric movements is hard on muscles and soft on joints.
  6. It’s suitable for every ability. You don’t have to be a professional ballerina to try this workout. With different levels of exercise and clear instructions courtesy of Filk and Victoria, you’ll be dancing away with no trouble.
  7. The mixture of focused stretching and small movements is designed to increase flexibility.
  8. If you’re lucky enough to live near one of the numerous Sweaty Betty UK stores, their top instructors will be teaching free in-store classes for four weeks only. And there will be guest appearences from Flik, Victoria and Principal trainer Sophie. Watch this space for more details. Can’t make it? The workout video, can be done online, anywhere, at any time.
  9. Ever noticed the perfect poise of a ballerina? The focus required to hold each pose and graceful arm movements helps improve posture.
  10. An added surprise: to ensure you and your muscles don’t get bored, we are releasing extra moves every week for a more advanced workout. Again… watch this space and Happy Sleeking!

Ballet Bootcamp enCORE kit: Flik wears the Encore Vest and No Show Pants, Victoria wears the Contemporary Barre Top and To The Beat Leggings

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