Sleek Mini Programme

23 June 2017

Build from roughly 15 to 30 minutes workout time, feel and see results and get on with your day. Workouts are available to purchase individually from £8 to £10 or try a month of Streaming Membership and get access to the whole library of over 50 Sleek streaming workouts for £30.

Sleek Mini Programme

Day 1

Aim: Fire up, shape and tone your legs

NEW Sleek Barre Technique

Total time 16mins

Day 2

Aim: Take inches off your waist, firm and define your midriff

NEW Dancer Refined Abs

Total time 16mins

Day 3

Aim: Total body heart raiser

New Cardio Ballet Blast

Total time 12mins

Day 4

Aim: Legs and Core work

New Sleek Barre + New Dancer Refined Abs

Total time 32mins

Day 5

Aim: Refine your technique and push the pace up New Sleek Barre + Cardio Ballet Blast

Streaming workouts on sale individually from £8 or get the whole library, £30 for one month with Streaming Membership

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