New Sleek Mini Programme

30 December 2017

If you took advantage of the FREE preview of our upcoming Perfect Pro Legs Workout then you will already be seeing the difference in the shape and tone of your lower body. (P.S you can get more sneak workout previews by joining our Private FB Group.) If you are keen to keep it up and start shaping your entire Sleek Physique then New Ballet Bootcamp is the workout for you! It is an express full body shaping workout that will really get you dancing!

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Over the next few weeks, we want to help you get the most out of the workouts in our Streaming library, including NEW Sleek Ballet Ballet Bootcamp. If you are a Sleek Member you will have access to the whole library of over 80 classes and videos. If you are purchasing individually or just need a little guidance, then these are our latest top 5 recommended workout pairings in an express full body programme. This Sleek mini programme will get your ballet body into action and whip you into your Sleekest shape ever for 2018!

Day 1

New Ballet Bootcamp + Dancer Refined Abs 7

Day 2

Express Barre + Ballerina Back & Arms

Day 3

New Ballet BootcampDancer Refined Abs 7

Day 4

Express Barre + Ballerina Back & Arms

Day 5

New Ballet Bootcamp + Pure Stretch 2

You can repeat this programme for up to 4 weeks. You can take 2 rest days in each week but not consecutively if possible.

Happy Sleeking

V & F x


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