Sleeker of the Month for May!

8 May 2018

Welcome to Sleeker of the Month!
We are excited to introduce our new, fun feature and it’s all about YOU!
If you would like you to find out a little bit more from fellow Sleekers around the world and the benefits Sleek is giving them, then we hope you enjoy reading about Laura, May’s Sleeker of the Month.
Sleeker Laura, a finance lecturer, lives in South Africa and has been Sleeking since we launched back in 2013. She has been with her partner Marc for two and half years and they don’t have kids… yet! Laura says she eats very clean but allows for indulgences as she Sleeks regularly so can afford to, saying “I don’t eat meat but eat fish and lots of healthy fat. I love raw chocolate!”

Read on for more of Laura’s Sleeker experience…

Finding Sleek

What was your exercise routine before Sleek? Most of our Sleekers have had little or no dance experience as it’s not necessary but had you done any ballet or ballet workouts before you came across us?

I love moving so have always been active. Also I swam a lot ( I still do) but did yoga, pilates and gyrotonic. I did ballet as a child and then modern dance as a teenager.

How did you find us?

I saw a gorgeous profile of Flik and Vicky on a the well and good website. You girls are the best advertisement of sleek technique.

Thank you very much! And what was it about Sleek that made you feel it was the workout for you?

I love the focus on the tops of the legs, the lengthening of all muscles and the positivity that you girls project. Workouts are fun and I find myself looking forward to every workout. I also love the images that the girls use such as Flik’s “put your bottom on the highest shelf” and Vicky’s “nice and juicy” and Sophie’s peanut butter imagery.

Very importantly, the most wonderful thing about Sleek is how the girls make you feel like you are in the same room. They are so open and welcoming. I also love the way the classes flow so seamlessly. It really feels like dancing

Sleeker Life

How do you fit Sleek into your busy life and schedule?

I always schedule meetings and commitments around the Sleek live classes as I hate to miss. I also find that doing shorter streams as a break during the day actually make me more productive and clear my head

That’s great that you can fit Sleeking in and and around your busy work schedule, especially including short 15 minute bite sized workouts. So what do you feel has been the biggest benefit or progression to your body since becoming a Sleeker?

My muscles (especially my legs) are longer and am definitely higher everywhere. I am starting to get a much more lifted seat. My co-ordination has also improved so much.

Sleeker Challenges and Benefits

What’s been the most challenging part of your Sleek journey to overcome?

I live in South Africa so when UK moves their clocks back evening classes are late for me (8:45) but I always try make it and have massive fear of missing out. And I love sleek so much that my boyfriend knows I can’t miss… he even got me a back up internet option if my fibre doesn’t work!!!

Has Sleek led you to make any other changes in your life (diet/Sleep routine/interests)?

I always have eaten healthily but definitely find that sleeking makes me more motivated to make healthy food choices. I am a big believer in sleep. If I can I definitely get at least 8 hours. I also find that my posture has improved and find myself thinking about it when standing in line at the grocery store even (thinking weight on the balls of my feet, pelvic floor lifted, shoulders down, ribs in)

And finally…

If you had to pick ONE Sleek workout what would it be?

With llive online classes I love a PPL (Perfect Pro Legs) with Flik and DRA (Dancer Refined Abs) or Core adage with Vicky. Absolutely love Sophie’s Mat Abs too. As far as streams go love Cardio Ballet Blast 2 (nice calorie burn) and always enjoy FBB (Full Ballerina Body)

Thanks Laura! A Sleek salute to you, love F&V x

Catch up with Laura in a live class orchat more to Sleekers in either our Private or open Face Book group!


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