Ballet Body Anytime, Anywhere!

15 May 2018

Flik Swan is the co-founder of the ballet body workout program Sleek Technique. Sleek is based on the foundations of classical ballet. The workouts aim to give its Sleekers a refined and defined ballet body, anytime, anywhere. Today, Flik speaks exclusively to CODE magazine and reveals the secrets of this revolutionary method and its incredible ballet body benefits.

Ballet Body by Sleek Technique

What is the difference between Sleek Technique and other fitness methods?

Sleek is an online ballet-inspired fitness method, specially designed to create a strong, feminine, body. Women can “refine” and “define” their bodies from the comfort of their homes with 24/7 access. Unlike most streaming websites, we also offer live, interactive lessons. My co-founder Victoria Marr and I designed Sleek especially for women. We use tried and tested classical ballet exercises which helped us avoid injury during our careers as professional dancers. These exercises can work for anyone, whatever their previous dance experience and ability may be.

How long does it take to feel the ballet body benefits of Sleek?

We offer a fantastic, free 14-day program, that gives you a real sense of what Sleek is about. Sleek is a workout system that focuses on the muscles that dancers use daily, with a variety of low-intensity exercises. These range from simple to more challenging. We create beginner to advanced workouts, for all levels. Our Baby Sleek program is designed for pre and post natal training but also works brilliantly as a beginner program. You’ll feel a difference after your first workout (think tighter and longer). Regular Sleeking will give you visible results, not only in the appearance but also the posture and strength of your body.

 Is Sleek Technique inspired by any other exercise method?

We designed Sleek to be close to our roots as professional dancers. So the inspiration came from our authentic ballet experience during our 17-year careers in dance. During this time we learned a lot about training and technique, the importance of form, and of course the art of ballet itself. Combined with the latest fitness knowledge, we’ve created an exercise method that focuses on sculpting a beautiful and feminine physique. We have our own authentic Barre Technique series, as well as the Sleek Ballet Bootcamp series, Dancer Refined Abs and many more.

How did the idea of Sleek come about?

It took lots of energy and sweat to come up with Sleek Technique! We started creating Sleek while we still danced professionally. It took a year to perfect our ballet body focused exercises. By then we felt satisfied that we’d created something really special. We wanted as many women as possible to have the chance to enjoy Sleek’s ballet body benefits. By putting Sleek Technique online, we’ve been able to share our workouts to women across the world for over four, very happy years now.


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