June’s Sleeker of the Month!

12 June 2018

We’d love you to meet this month’s Sleeker of the Month, Becky Young, an Executive Assistant at an engineering firm. She has been with her husband Jack since 1983, married since 1989 (they met on Becky’s 21st birthday!) and live in Denver, Colorado with their two kitty cats, Wink and Prince Conrad Vulcan. Read on to find out more…

Finding Sleek

What was your exercise routine before Sleek?

I have always enjoyed working out at home. Before Sleek, I had a stack of DVDs that I would rotate: some cross-training, lots of yoga, and some other dance-based workouts. I was always interested in dance-based workouts, but I had never found a system as accessible and effective as Sleek.

How did you find us?

I found the DVD on Amazon, and it was so cheerful and effective, and right away I noticed your camaraderie and positive energy. Then I looked around online and found the Sweaty Betty workouts and the Sleek site and library of classes. Once I realized how much great content was on the site, I knew I wanted to subscribe!

That’s so great to hear! What was it about Sleek that made you feel it was the workout for you?

So many reasons! The workouts are so well thought out and effective, with clear, detailed instruction. The library is a coherent system with common elements in all the workouts. That repetition makes it possible for a non-dancer to learn dance! All the videos are well made with great music and colour palettes. But most of all, there’s a real feeling of friendly good will that you show towards each other and your students. I love the Facebook group and the positive atmosphere there, too!

Sleeker Life

How do you fit Sleeking into your life?

I have a pretty regular schedule, and I like to jump right in and get a Sleek workout as soon as I get home from work. I take about an hour on the weeknights, and I take longer on the weekends when I have more free time – usually an hour and twenty minutes or so. It adds up to about 5 or 6 hours a week. I know I could get good results with less, but I enjoy Sleeking so I like taking the time.

One of my favourite things about the Sleek library is sitting down to choose my workouts. I love putting together different combinations, based on how I feel that day. Depending on what I want to achieve, I might choose two 30 minute catch up classes, three 20 minute classes from the library, or a short cardio class with a longer 45 minute catch up. I can tell if I need more stretching and strengthening or more cardio, and I choose the classes accordingly. I love trying the new workouts as soon as they come out! I like trying lots of different workouts, but I can also see the benefits of repeating a class again and again to really try to improve at it.

Sleeker Challenges

Biggest benefit or progression since you’ve been Sleeking?

I started with the DVD last August, and I could tell the workouts were right for me immediately. In a short time, I saw a change in the shape of my arms and legs that I had never seen from other workouts. However, the biggest change is in my waist! I have always had a fairly square midsection even at my lowest weight, but a lot of the Sleek workouts focus on “nipping in your waist” and “maximising your muscular corset”, and they really changed my shape.

That’s fantastic. What about the most challenging part of your Sleek journey?

Sleeking is helping me to overcome a lifelong challenge. When I’m stressed, I tend to overeat. Last year I had gained some weight, and I knew it was time for a change. I started to really look at my food choices and count my calories just before I learned about Sleeking. The workouts really helped to keep me motivated! I lost almost 40 pounds over the course of six months. It really helps me to make better food choices during the day because I want to feel good for my workout.

That’s an incredible achievement. Has Sleek led you to make other changes in your life?

Yes, I am much more interested in ballet now, and not just as a workout. It’s an amazing art form, and I’m grateful to Sleek that I now have an inkling of how difficult dance actually is! When I first started Sleeking, I was focused on my results. That’s a big benefit, but now I am noticing some other benefits. I am more interested in following the dance steps and really trying to improve my form. I’m not a natural ballet dancer, so I have a lot of room to grow! Another benefit is the nice mental break I get while trying to learn this new skill. When my workout is over I feel cheerful and clear!

and finally…

Favourite Sleek workout?

I love the whole library and trying different combinations of classes, so it’s hard to pick a favorite! One of my favorite things is combining several workouts that have common elements. I don’t always know in advance, sometimes it’s serendipitous! I do have a great combination I return to again and again: Cardio Ballet Blast, Perfect Pro Legs, and Dancer Refined Abs 2. And I love the 15 minute Sleek Barre Technique that is out on the internet – I revisit that one all the time!

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