Why keep up your cardio?

20 June 2018

Here at Sleek HQ Flik and I are always on the go! Being physically active is luckily part of our job. We all know that the benefits of physical activity are plentiful and significant but just how far-reaching are they in our daily lives?

Benefits of Cardio exercise

Victoria Marr Sleek co- founder

Thinking beyond excess weight loss and better muscle tone and strength to support your joints. High levels of physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness are associated with lowering cardiovascular mortality as well as reducing the development of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. In addition, you will probably notice quite simply as I do that your mood and frame of mind improves significantly when you are less sedentary. This is because, at a chemical level,  physical activity that raises your heart rate helps promote healthy cognitive and psychosocial function. For more on this amazing side effect of exercise I highly recommend watching Wendy Suzuki’s TED Talk on the subject!

Aerobic exercise is a vital agent of health

Research suggests that the current recommendation for at least 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous aerobic physical activity per week in sessions of 10 minutes or more shows the highest rate of improved health. A massive 20% to 30% lower risk for premature all-cause mortality and incidence of many chronic diseases. Because the health benefits of being activity have been so well established and are so easily accessible to many of us, it is so important that we encourage regular physical exercise as the vital agent of health that it is.

Making exercise part of your routine

It has been shown that even with small increases in physical activity the most unfit individuals have the potential for the greatest reduction in risk. So it is never too late to start! Given the undeniable benefits of exercise, at Sleek we are always trying to make it easier for you to fit it into your day. All our workouts are available to stream on any device 24/7. You can start small. Add a short 10-minute workout to your day like Sleek Warm Up and Sleek Cool Down or Sleek Shred Abs. Then work towards raising your heart rate a little more with something like Sleek Cardio Ballet Blast. You can always stick to the simpler modifications before working your way up to the more advanced options.

Gradually try to increase your workout time where you can. Reserve time for your physical wellbeing and consider it an essential part of your routine, just like having breakfast. Why not move on to try one of our 30 minute Catch Up Live classes and get the added motivation of being part of a group session. These classes are available within Sleek membership and the latest, out today is a Cardio Barre designed to shape and tone your lower body whilst giving you that all important, multi-beneficial heart rate boost! Need a little more guidance? Try this perfectly balanced Sleek Week Programme 

Keep moving and keep Sleek!


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