Lose the excuses to exercise and stay healthy

26 June 2018

Excuses may seem like rational reasons for us to put off exercise or a healthy lifestyle change. But if we’re not careful we can allow them to keep us from reaching our goals.


Sometimes we turn our back on what we really need. Making up excuses may seem like the easiest way for us not to do something… a workout for example, sound familiar? However, in the long term this keeps us from getting to where we want to be and leaves us feeling a lack of motivation. This then leaves us with feelings of guilt. And instead of finding compromises, we quit before we’ve started. If we all focus on small achievable goals, the need for excuses starts to disappear, so does the guilt, and our goals start to come into realistic view.

Flik Swan, Sleek Cofounder

When it all feels too much

If you think I jump out of bed every morning, throw on my favourite leotard and skip to the barre with a high protein smoothie in hand you’d be mistaken. With two very young children, a business to run and everything else that life throws at us all, it is impossible not to have tougher days. While I literally couldn’t be without my healthy Sleek regime and vegetarian diet, from time to time my energy and motivation levels dip and my body feels tight or achey. I want to grab sugary foods and slump on the couch. Yes, really.

But these are the days where we divert the energy we do have into making excuses and quitting before we’ve even started. Let’s be real, we all need rest and at Sleek we recommend at least one rest day during a week. But when we can truthfully say that the days are passing us by and we’re letting that ‘everything else’ become a reason not to self-prioritise, it’s time to take an honest inward look, a deep breath and a fresh step forward towards a healthy lifestyle. Try jumping into a live class, playing a streaming workout or just grabbing a mat and stretching

How to get started. Small steps for big changes

Focus on the manageable. How much time can you give back to yourself? 15 minutes? 30? Even a shorter 10 minute workout will kickstart your body into action, release feel good endorphins and encourage you to stick to your fitness goals. Or stay with a workout that’s familiar and you know you love doing. Changing up your workout rotation is key in the longterm but if the thought of going beyond your favourite Sleek Shred workout is stopping you from getting off the couch then stick with it. And then reward yourself by ticking it off your list, having given something back to your body.

What about the food excuses?

Instead of grabbing white toast with butter and jam for breakfast, make a slight change. Switch the bread to wholemeal or rye. Lose the butter and swap the sugary jam for almond spread or another nutritious nut butter option. Tiny changes, that’s all you need start with. You’re not losing out and you will feel the benefits, especially when it comes to working out.

Staying on top of those excuses and feeling great for the longterm

When we can commit to our health and fitness, take responsibility for our bodies from the inside out, there’s no need to make excuses. This means we will have much more energy to dedicate to our bodies and the goals we want to achieve. Your workouts will become more frequent, longer and more challenging, even though the likelihood is your life will still be just as busy. You’ll start to achieve your goals, see results and have few and far between days where those excuses want to creep back in.

You can do it and remember we’re with you every step of the way!

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