Ballet – A Mind and Body Workout

30 June 2018

Dance is so often an activity we take up as youngsters but don’t continue into adulthood. However, dance exercise like ballet is just as useful in the lives of adults as it is in the lives of younger up-and-comings.

Dance is for the young and older.

Dance is for the young and older.

Exercise for mind and body

Research has shown that ballet is a workout that can positively impact both the mental and physical well being of a person. Several of our very own Sleekers have shared their experiences recently on our blog in regards to the life-changing effects taking up ballet fitness has resulted in for them. Positive changes not just in their body but also their mindset, diet, overall health and wellness. For an adult, doing well structured, balanced, ballet-based fitness like Sleek, not only provides a workout that suits your body and doesn’t cause injuries but it also staves off aging and other issues that come at a more mature age in life. The positive mental, social, and physical impact dance has on a person far outweighs the negative aspects.

As an exercise method, Sleek Technique has it’s roots firmly in classical ballet. It is the background that Flik and I share and love having met at ballet school and danced professionally our entire careers. We like to vary our Sleek workout releases each month to keep you on your toes (literally!) We use authentic ballet techniques to take you through super effective workouts ranging from Sleek Barre to Dancer Refined Abs to Cardio Ballet Blast. This month’s release is one of our most popular workouts and the one that is closest to a ballerina’s daily class, Sleek Full Ballerina Body.

The best reasons for taking up ballet fitness as an adult:

  1. The emotional and mental tensions we build up in our daily life disappear as soon as class starts. One of our more mature Sleeker who came back to dance after 50 years said how everything else disappears due to the intense concentration and focus ballet requires.
  2. By being adults and having real-life experiences, we know what we want from a workout and can use it as a form of meditation.
  3. Due to its creative and choreographic aspect, dance workouts function as an outlet. Dance “feeds your soul” while “it exercises your body.”
  4. You gain better posture in your upper body and, strength in the lower body and core. As well as improved flexibility, balance, and coordination. Ballet involves all four components of physical fitness: body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.
  5.  Ballet builds lean and toned muscle that goes in accordance with the flexibility ballet dancers develop.  It is a complete exercise because it works on all the body’s muscles,” from the big muscles of the legs and glutes right down to the small muscles of the feet.
  6. Ballet postpones inflexibility, tightness, and muscle loss which come as we grow older. It’s also very energizing.
  7. It is an activity that for some, brings back memories and for others, serves as a re-discovery of the self. It also helps ward off dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. The physiotherapist Daphne Cushnie indicates how “music and dance acts as an organizer for the brain, making ballet extremely effective in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders”
  8. Time or age is not a factor when it comes to improving the quality of life in a physical, intellectual and emotional way. If one thing can be concluded it is that it is never too late to take the first plié.

How to start getting ballet fit?

You don’t need to wear a leotard, you don’t even need to get to your nearest studio. You can start from home and access our New 25min Full Ballerina Body Workout online. Click to purchase and view it from our library of ballet body workouts or get all 60+ Sleek workouts, available in membership. You can also get a taste for what Sleek is about and the great body effects in our FREE 14-day trial.

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