Injury pain. Getting back to fitness afterwards

14 August 2018

I have had back and hip discomfort for about 6 months. Standing in fifth hurts! That’s why you’ve seen me using first position such a lot in live classes. Our latest streaming workouts have been mat based so happily, I can work to my maximum there. Injury is practically unheard of for me; I’m hot on good technique, working out smartly and warming up and cooling down religiously. Victoria and I don’t put ourselves in the position to get injured as prevention is better than cure. That’s a critical reason why we started Sleek.

However, it happens and I am certain that this injury is from repeatedly lifting my babies (now toddlers) up and down stairs and in and out of car seats. Crawling on the floor with them, being jumped on, climbed on and used as a human springboard only adds to this. You get the picture or you know the drill!

Not being able to Sleek to my full capacity is annoying. But we need to be aware of pain and discomfort. If you are working into pain then you need to back off and see  a physio, osteo or chiro. I am happy to say that I am doing that because my body, our bodies, are important and we want to look after them. We only have one.

So what about when you have acknowledged your injury, seen the right person to help target your pain and you want to start exercising again? Injuries should not be taken lightly. An injury was your body’s way of saying that something’s wasn’t right.

So return to exercise with a gradual approach otherwise you may set yourself back. Here are my top tips for returning to Sleek post injury.

Post Injury, take It Slowly

Take it slow and go back into it gradually, and if you feel pain…


Remember Injury Pain should not be ignored

So again, if it hurts, stop. Speak to us before or after live class or email us prior to your steaming workout and we will advise on modifications and the best workout for you. We’re not physios but we have experience with maintaining our own bodies and we will help as much as we can.

Non weight bearing workouts are your friend

If you’re desperate to get back to exercise than consider working out on your mat first. The body bears less weight so you can workout with a recovering injury without adding stress onto many of the body’s major joints. Be smart though. A knee injury may not want you to be on ‘all fours’ so instead ask us for a modification or another workout entirely.

And finally…

Eat Well And Stay Hydrated

Eating well and keeping yourself hydrated are key.

Nutrition plays a big part in the body’s healing process and helps to make your muscles and joints strong again.

Stay away from alcohol and any junk foods during this time. It only adds to inflammation. Eating whole, natural foods, and drinking plenty of fluids will help speed up the process. We have lots of healthy food suggestions to help out with this.

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