3 Ballet Boosts for your Brain and Body

4 September 2018

Boost your Brain

Hi Sleekers, Flik here.

We’re all aware that exercise is equally as important for the health of your brain as it is for your body. Regular aerobic exercise, the type you find across your Sleek ballet workouts, will not only have you looking good but it can help to slow down and perhaps even reverse mental and physical decline. Train your brain with these three Sleek ballet movements chosen specifically by me for your grey matter!

Ballet Boost #1 Pas de bourrée

Learning and repeating new, alternating footwork (in ballet terms known as choreography) literally exercises the prefrontal and frontal cortex, located at the front of the brain, just behind your forehead. With a pas de bourrée step, you have to switch from right to left-sided movements and back again. Literally step behind, side, front and repeat the other way 8 times. Add in your arms (port de bras) and your mind is completing the hardest cryptic crossword yet.

Where do I find this in Sleek?

Go to Dancer Refined Abs 7 for a series of boosts  to tighten your abs and your mind

Ballet Boost #2 Ronde de Jambe en l’air

Balancing on one leg challenges our sensory systems and gives them a thorough workout. Information from the nerves in our legs travels up through the spinal cord and into the brain putting it to work to maintain our balance. At Sleek, we incorporate balancing a lot because dancers are required to do this like it’s a walk in the park! But don’t worry if you wobble. The more you stimulate these sensory pathways the stronger they become over time. Practice carrying your leg in the air from front to side and feel the challenge!

Where do I find this in Sleek?

Go to Core Adage 2 for a balance challenge that engages your brain and body

Ballet Boost #3 Transfer en avant and en arriére

For a healthy brain boost we all need to give our ‘cerebellum’ a workout. The cerebellum is situated at the back of the brain and coordinates movement and rhythm. This area is also essential for balance and posture (which is what we love to practice at Sleek!)  If you can improve your coordination and agility, we can all experience a more youthful stride and we will be less likely to pick up injuries. Moving your weight forward and backward in smooth, rhythmic succession will put this vital area into training.

Where do I find this in Sleek?

Go to Perfect Pro Legs 5 for a smooth workout that will give your cells and your pins pleasure

Happy Sleeking!

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