7 Day Body Shaping Plan – Catch Up Style!

2 October 2018


Making Sleeking Even Easier…

Being online really is the most convenient way to be able to access our body shaping Sleek Technique workouts wherever you are in the worldwide. And for the last few months the addition of our Catch Up Live Classes has added yet another dimension to Sleek! We record our best interactive live classes then upload them weekly into the streaming library for you to watch in your own time. So you always have a fresh workout to practice, with all the fun of an actual live class. And all you have to do is press play…

Catch Up and Get Sleek!

With a vast array of Catch Up workouts to choose from, it can be tricky to know where to start. So here is my 7 day Catch Up Plan for total body shaping all of which you can watch in  Sleek membership, which gives you unlimited access to our full library Each day is under an hour and is suitable for Intermediate Levels and up. Take one to two rest days during the rotation.

7 Day Body Shaping Catch Up Plan


Day 1

Aim: Find steely strength from your core and release your inner Sleeker

Core Adage Barre with Flik

Dance Express with Victoria

Time 55mins

Day 2

Aim: Focus in on your lower body working every inch from your toes right up to your bottom and thighs

Perfect Pro Legs with Flik

Time 45mins

Day 3

Aim: Get your sweat on and feel tighter and more toned

Ballet Bootcamp with Flik

Time 30mins

Day 4

Aim: Rest OR Lengthen and Strengthen

Advanced Flex and Stretch with Victoria

Time 0 -30mins

Day 5

Aim: Shaping the upper body for improved posture and beautiful definition

Barre Technique with Flik

Ballerina Back and Arms with Flik

Time 60mins

Day 6

Aim: Overall fat burning

Cardio Ballet Blast with Flik

Time 30mins

Day 7

Aim: Rest and feel the body shaping benefits of your hard work!


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