November Sleeker of The Month!

20 November 2018

We’d love you to meet this month’s Sleeker of the Month, Vanessa. With her stunning looks and engaging personality it’s no surprise to see why Vanessa is a busy mum working as a successful actress in her native France. And she is definitely chic and Sleek! Read on to find out what keeps her Sleeking and why…

Sleek Life

What was your exercise routine before Sleek? Had you done any ballet or ballet workouts before you came across us?

I’ve always been quite active. I used to take salsa classes and African dance classes in my
20’s. Then floor barre which I loved but I injured my inner thigh and I was never able to go back
to class (plus I ran out of time once I had my daughter). I did ballet beautiful for 3 years but at
some point, something was missing. That’s when I came across Sleek Technique.

Thank goodness you did! How did you find us?

I came across a 15min free video (Sleek Barre Technique) and I got hooked. I immediately ordered the Sleek Technique – Ballet Body Box Set and absolutely loved it. After that I tried Sleek Barre Technique 2 and I knew that Sleek was the perfect workout for me!

That’s great to hear! What was it about Sleek that made you feel it was the workout for you?

I love everything about Sleek Technique. It is fun to do and VERY effective (the most effective workout I’ve ever tried!). Sleek is perfect to shape the entire body plus I feel like I’m dancing. I feel graceful (even though I am not that graceful!)

A Day in a Sleek Life

How do you fit Sleek around working and home life?

I am a morning sleeker. I usually do either a streaming video or a catch up class 2 to 4 times a week depending on my schedule. When I am really short on time I pick a 10′ workout to peak up my metabolism and give me a boost of energy to start my day. Thanks to Sleek Technique I can workout at home anytime I want (when you are a working mum it is pretty handy). Whenever I can I pop up in live class as well .It is really nice because Flik, Victoria, Sophie, Elizabeth really know how to  keep you moving and they are a good example to keep you motivated with their long lean limbs and muscles.

Sleek Benefits

What do you feel has been the biggest benefit to you since becoming a Sleeker?

I have much more stamina and energy. I’ve had an injury in my inner thigh for years and now it is just a memory! My legs are much more defined and my overall body as well. My flexibility has improved. Plus Sleek Technique is very good for my mind too. It’s been very useful for me during a really difficult time in my life. Sleek Technique gets my mind “off ” things. I got my energy back and was able to function properly.

We’re really glad to hear that Vanessa! And the most challenging part of your Sleek journey…?

You ladies had me at plié which made my sleek journey a really lovely one.

Ok, so if you had to pick ONE Sleek workout what would it be?

That’s a tough question as I love them all but If I have to choose I will go with a Sleek Barre Technique!

And Finally…

Has Sleek led you to make any other changes in your life. Is your diet any different for example?

I love my food , I don’t have a specific diet. Sleek Technique makes it possible for me to eat what I love and stay in good shape. Hurrah Sleek Technique! I’ve always loved ballet and classical music, Sleek Technique helps me go a little further.

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Happy Sleeking,

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