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22 January 2019

With so many fitness methods out there, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start when building your own fitness classes. Here at Sleek, we think we stand out from the crowd because of our authentic, effective approach to our workouts – Sleek is true to the roots of classical ballet, carefully blended with the latest fitness know how, by us. And because so many of you have expressed an interest in becoming a Sleek trainer, we thought we’d share the inside scoop on a training day with us!

Can I sign up for training?

All those on our training day have had at least 2 years dance training. Any fitness qualification alongside that is a bonus. Certification counts to your CPD points too. As Sleek is a dance based method you will need to be familiar with balletic terms and steps. Jump into a live class if you have any doubts and we can chat with you afterwards. The training day itself is friendly, warm and non-pressurised. Victoria, Susan and I are not here to see you go wrong but to help you get it right so you leave with a qualification at the end of the day.

What happens on the day?

We start with a group chat and introduction. Our last day saw women from across Europe fly in to join us. It was lovely to hear everyone’s story as to how they came to finding Sleek. You’ll have received a learner pack to help get you started before the day itself. You will have met us in an online class too. But face to face is always the lovely bit where we all get to bond properly. We then break everything down, starting from how Victoria and I met, danced professionally for over two decades and started the company together.

The functionality, structure and adaptation of Sleek workouts are all explained in detail. The fun bit is jumping up and actually putting steps together throughout the day. We all leave having completed a Bootcamp or Barre workout so hot baths are usually in order back at home! Throughout the day we stop to answer your questions. Victoria and I love to be led by the group when it comes to finding out what our trainees need more or less of. So we’re happy to spend a little more time on your needs. It’s important to add we have plenty of water and snack breaks too!

Is there tons of paperwork?

No because we prefer visual learning as dancers. When it comes to paper work and writing things down, how much is up to you. We prefer to let you feel as much as possible in your bodies first. You have the chance to create sections of a work out with each other and individually. By the time we get to the end of the day you feel as confident as you can be to present a small section of workout. You get to chose your own music or we can help with that. It’s always great hearing the music choices that come from our trainees though and it helps everyone relax even more.

Getting your Sleek Qualification

We want you to be the best trainer you can be so your classes are full and popular. You’ll find out on the day if you have achieved certification too. With the emphasis on getting you certified throughout the day you will feel ready (even if you feel nervous). And Victoria and I understand nerves! Getting it perfect is not what we are looking for. On our very first training, we were more nervous than the incredible trainees and I’m sure we weren’t perfect. Working with the pro active and intuitive the women with us was incredible. Everyone left with a certification that day, it was just fantastic.

Then what happens…?

Our private trainer area on our Sleek site is accompanied with a closed facebook page. These offer ongoing support once you have become a Sleek trainer. We provide marketing materials and advice, plus new workout material and playlists to inspire you as your classes build. So we help and encourage you along the way. We have good relationships with our trainers, some of whom started out as Sleekers. They still join our online classes even after certifying. We feel very lucky to be part of this growing group of awesome Sleek trainers from both sides of the pond.

I want to get certified!

If Sleek is something you would like to be a part of then drop us an email. Or head over here for more information or to book your spot. We would love to have you with us!

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