How To Lose Weight Healthily, At Your Own Pace

1 March 2019

We’ve all struggled with some extra weight at least once in our lives. For our body’s benefit, it’s better to stay at a healthy weight for us. Though people realize this, they still think that losing weight is a race. That’s why most go on crash diets, skip meals, and overall starve themselves, not realizing that they’re doing more harm than good this way. We’re all different and do things at our own pace, and that’s okay. You don’t have to compete with anyone else when it comes to weight loss- just focus on yourself and take it a day at a time.


1. How you should eat

If you’re new to healthy eating and nutrition, you should look into the art of mindful eating. Everyone will tell you what you should eat is important like vegetables containing vitamins, but it’s just as important when you’re going to eat and how. Most people make the mistake of skipping meals or going on crash diets which only allow them to eat certain things. In reality, this just makes you hungrier and limits your intake of nutrients, regardless of your body type and experience with exercising.

When you stop eating, you kill the good and the bad things in your body, which just ends up exhausting it. Not denying yourself what you like will also help make the transition to healthy eating more bearable. Gradually ease into your new lifestyle by switching all your snacks for healthier versions. There are many delicious snacks that are under 200 calories.

Of course, eating healthy can often be challenging when you have small children . Many times young kids refuse to eat wholesome, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The key is not to pressure them into eating better. Introduce new foods slowly and give them the option to take a bite and then opt out if they don’t like it.

2.What to do if you have a fast metabolism

Even if the number on the scale says you’re skinny, your body fat can say otherwise. Due to a fast metabolism, it will be hard for you to put on weight while maintaining little body fat. You could overeat yet not gain a single pound, but don’t let that fool you, it’s not healthy at all. Your focus here should be on gaining strength and maintaining body fat.

We can easily accomplish this with adding resistance training including using your own body weight. Think planks and BBA press ups. Of course, the regime will have to be accompanied by a nutritious diet. Think protein and good fats throughout the day. We can find this in fish and meat, but also in dairy products. Carbohydrates will also be a good friend on this journey. They help us become lean and strong. High body fat will be eliminated naturally as soon as you change the way you eat.

3.What to do if you have a slow metabolism


Those of us who are generally softer and rounder and store fat more easily are called endomorphs. Endomorphs generally need to pay a little more attention to how and what we eat than other body types.

Try moderating your portions and including as many fruits and veggies as you can to your diet. The amount of food that can fit in your palm should go into your plate. Remember that smaller but more frequent meals are the key. This regime should be complemented with proper exercise. Opt for HIIT training like a Cardio Ballet Blast workout as these are high intensity and will help burn fat. With these components combined, you’ll lose weight in no time without fearing failure.

4.What to do if you have never trained before

It’s never too late to start working out with Sleek even if you’ve never really been into it before. If you’ve been on top of your eating habits, all you need is an exercise to shape your body into what you want it to be. Start slow with our beginner and all levels workouts, then build up to more challenging workouts like Ballet Bootcamp for example. Doing everything at once will just exhaust your body and do more harm than good. A gym is a common way to get things started, but perhaps you’d be more comfortable working out at home to work up for ease of time and efficiency. Nothing is impossible with a quality mat and chair or barre which is why Sleek Technique is your perfect companion!

You can try doing exercises which target all muscles such as planks, but there are lots of exercises you can do which target different groups of muscles like plies and tendus. It goes without saying that you should still stay on top of your nutrition and up your water intake.



Losing weight is a journey many fear to take. We’re confident you have it in you to persevere and that you’ll reach your goal in no time. Remember that staying healthy is more important than the number you see on the scale. After all, that’s the main reason you went on this journey in the beginning, isn’t it?

By Mia Johnson

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