Tips To Remain Healthy on Vacations

15 October 2019

A vacation is a time for relaxation and a break from your busy day to day routine. One of the best ways to improve mental health can be traveling. However, traveling with family and friends can derail healthy lifestyle habits even if you have strong will power. Here are some great tips to have a great vacation and remain healthy at the same time.


You can enjoy your favorite dishes and adult beverages without going overboard. Trying new food is part of the fun of vacations, but you can do damage to your waistline rapidly. Avoid consuming large meals and eating huge portions later in the day. Instead enjoy a hearty breakfast or make lunch your main meal of the day. A lighter supper will sit well with your digestion and improve your sleep.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Your fantasy vacation destination may have you up until the wee hours of the morning. Your body needs time to rest, no matter how great the party. Know your body’s limit and casually decline that trip to the after-hours bar. Your body also needs time to rest when you are catching flights, crossing different time zones, moving around for most of the day, and so on. Your body will thank you by not needing to staying in bed for a week on your return.

Bust out the Sanitizer!

Getting sick on holiday is a real downer. Doors, subway stations, bathrooms, and other people are some of the things that can make your hands very dirty while traveling. A small bottle of hand sanitizer or wet naps is perfect for preventing the spread of germs and bacteria while you are on the go.

Who Needs a Gym

A quick workout will help offset some of the extra calories you may be taking on. But it doesn’t need to take up a lot of time or space. Your hotel room is a perfect spot to get a Sleek online workout in! 30 minutes is all you need. In fact, it is better to avoid extended workouts that can cause fatigue and limit your travel experience.

Protect Your Skin

You will probably spend a lot of time outdoors on your vacation. Protect your skin by wearing sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30. Apply the sunscreen every couple of hours, along with bug repellant if you are in tropical locations that are prone to mosquitoes and insects. Whether you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon or a luxury transatlantic cruise, your skin needs protection from Mother Nature. You may opt for the unscented lotions to prevent stares from your travel companions and acquaintances.

Get On The Move!

Taking nice strolls during your vacation will help also burn off those extra calories. Taking a walk with your travel companions allows you to feel and experience your new destination up close and will give you a greater appreciation for what the place has to offer.

Water, Water, and more Water!

If you are heading to a sunny location, you are likely to sweat more than usual. Lots of water will prevent fatigue, nausea, and headaches. Purchase a large thermos that will keep water cold all day. Another great idea is to travel with a small bag so you can easily access cold drinks. Money spent on drinks from vending machines and food carts can add up quickly.

Staying healthy on vacation is about having a great time without going overboard. Be conscious of the decisions you are making and incorporate some of these simple tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy your time off to the fullest!

By Paisley Hansen

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