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ballet diet fitness health lifestyle nutrition press workout Jun 20, 2022
Flik Swan Victoria Marr - ballerinas

If you want to know what the world thinks about our authentic ballet fitness workouts then check out these reviews and articles from some of the most hard to please people - the press! We've chatted to them about the benefits of ballet fitness, our ballerina style, how dance workouts improve back pain, mental and cognitive health and get you fit, strong and energised!

Our Sleek Technique Vidoes and ballet training workouts have been tried and tested by Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan , Huffington Post and The Telegraph to name a few. And we really make sure everyone who writes about us actually tries our online ballet fitness videos for adults for the real low down. 

You can read about how we self-founded our online ballet workouts business and advice for how you can make a business work for you in Women's Health, discover our favourite ballet fitness workout styles, including bodysuits in Well & Good as well as practice our ballet exercises for beginners with our top 5 ballet body moves and dancer leg tips   

Want to learn how to get a dancer body and achieve beautiful posture like a ballerina? Head to Red magazine for the ways dancers stand and move so well 

If you want to know more about us as individuals, Vogue journalist and health & wellbeing writer/guru Calgary Avansino asks myself and Victoria  questions on our lifestyles and more in her weekly online column.


Happy reading and Happy Sleeking!

Flik x

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