Sleek Live Classes

A choice of ballet based fitness 'Live Two Way Interactive' online classes with top dance instructors from all over the world. These are held in small groups where we encourage you to keep your camera on for motivation and feedback in realtime. There is also the choice of a new single way streamed studio classes you can join live to sweat it out virtually with Sleekers in the room! If you love dance and fitness, there is no better way to enjoy and                                                        to propel your ballet body shaping results forward.     

       Book single classes or great value class packs. These classes are fun, affective and welcoming to all regardless of your experience. They are also the perfect add on to our Sleek Ballet Fitness Video Workouts!

A choice of daily classes 6 days a week!

Get the best technique tips from our pro dancer team

No contract or membership required to enjoy live class

Buy class credits to use when you wish

                                           Get you first class FREE with code sleek100 at the checkout!

Single classes £8 or as little as £4 in class packs or live subscription

Alex B., Sleek Customer

Alex B.
Sleek stepped up her fitness regime

I  discovered Sleek Technique through a Google search and was immediately hooked. Sleeking has made so much difference to my fitness regime and body awareness, I know that wherever I am I can do it. Victoria and Flik are amazing role models and very inspiring.

Pia K., Sleek Customer

Pia K.
Loves how Sleek tones her body

The wonderful teachers are so inspiring and make me push that extra mile! The exercises shape and tone my body better than any other sports.

Vivian E., Sleek Customer

Vivian E.
Sleek makes her feel young

Here I am in the comfort of my home being transported to a ballet fitness class as if I were in my teens and loving every minute of it! I'm spreading the word for this fantastic Sleek Technique. ❣️

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Sheila D., Sleek Customer

Sleek makes her body feel great.

As a stylist I am so busy and on my feet all day. Words alone cannot express how much I love these workouts, my body feels great, my old shoulder injury is recovering very nicely and I am able to enjoy dance, something I have loved for a longtime. Thank you Victoria and Flik!! You girls are the best!!

Cathie C.
Sleek engages her mind, body, and soul.

I like how different ballet workouts make me feel as opposed to pounding it out in the gym. Ballet workouts also have changed my body in a way that I LIKE --they have made me realise that I was right. I do NOT have stumpy legs, lol

Apart from making me feel pretty even though I'm sweating, I do love that it also engages your mind constantly. Ballet just connects all of you --mind, body, soul.

Vanessa D., Sleek Customer

Sleek has her totally hooked.

Ballet workouts are simply the best and Sleek Technique is definitely my favorite one by far. Even though it is not a ballet class I still feel like I am dancing . It is challenging, artistic, VERY effective (without any bulk risks or injuries on my joints) and, above all, it is so much fun! I would dare to say that it is addictive. As far as I am concerned, I am totally hooked. Thank you Flik Swan, Victoria Marr and SophieAuger!

Sleek LIVE Class Membership

From as little as £4 per class