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Gracefully Progress From Beginner to Advanced And Experience the Joy of Dancing

Sleek Technique is a fun, effective and feminine workout based on authentic ballet technique that will give you the lean, shapely dancer's physique you've always desired.

Although Sleek is ballet-based, it requires no previous dance experience. We have carefully designed our library of Sleek streaming workouts so you can easily choose the fitness level that suits you and progress from a beginner to advanced level at your own pace.

Rebecca D, Sleek Customer

​Rebecca D.
Has recovered from an injury thanks to Sleek

Three years ago I herniated a disc in my spine. I lost feeling down my right leg and into my right foot. Walking was difficult, and dancing was impossible. Prior to surgery and post-surgery, Sleek was an integral part of my rehab and, thanks to them, I wore four inch stilettos down the aisle on my wedding day, not a wobble in sight, a mere seven weeks after undergoing surgery. I will sleek with these ladies for the rest of my life.

Mary B., Sleek Customer

Mary B.
Has transformed her life with Sleek

I love being part of the Sleek family. It has been life changing. I started 4 years ago as a complete novice and at 68 I'm determined to be that crazy lady attempting to do a pirouette well into her 70s! Sleek has transformed my life. I am fitter, stronger and more confident! There's no looking back now, I feel like a new woman.

April H., Sleek Customer

April H.
Now feels extra fit and elegant because of Sleek

Sleek Technique, where have you been all my life? This workout is absolutely perfect for me! The choreography is easy to learn, and the movements work exactly the muscles I want in such an elegant way. 

I gain weight and get puffy with weights. The gym will never work for me. I can immediately feel this workout is different. I'm so excited!

Designed to Work With Your Busy Lifestyle

Our Sleek video library makes it easy for you to fit a workout into your schedule. Personalise your program by selecting the level, duration and body part you want to work and we’ll suggest your perfect workout.

Even if you only have 15 minutes to spare, you can work your entire body, burn lots of calories and give your energy and mental focus a boost.

Take Your Workout to the Next Level With Our Live Interactive Classes

Come join us in the studio for our live, interactive classes hosted on our video conferencing platform. Class size is small, so we are able to interact with everyone.

No need to feel shy! It is a fun and welcoming environment and other students will not be able to see you as you work out. Live classes range in length from 30 minutes to 55 minutes. Let your Sleek trainer motivate you to feel the burn and work up a sweat all from the comfort of your own home.

Almuth M., Sleek Customer

Almuth M.
Loves the Sleek community 

I gave up dancing for 26 years. Now that I am back I wonder why on earth I ever did. It’s a privilege to do all these beautiful movements. And easier on my joints than HIIT for sure. The Sleek community is wonderfully supportive and we have great role models. how my body looks is not a priority for me but it’s a bonus that Sleek keeps me strong, stretched and centered and works on elongation not bulk x

Fleur L., Sleek Customer

Fleur L.
Enjoys the freedom she feels while Sleeking

I think if ballet has ever been a part of your life, it never, ever leaves you. My 36 year old body can’t do the things my 16 year old body could and that is a difficult thing to accept sometimes. Sleek makes me feel like I’m dancing again and it is such a liberating feeling! No other form of exercise comes close ? I love it! xx

Roger D., Sleek Customer

Roger D.
Adores ballet fitness

Well...ever since discovering Sleek , I'm totally and utterly addicted to ballet! Its the most wonderful, effective and elegant way to workout and Flik Swan and Victoria Marr make it tough but fun and deeply enjoyable! I can't get enough of the workouts plus the lovely people who are really kind in this group and supportive and helpful!

Meet Flik and Victoria
The Creators of Sleek Technique

Flik Swan and Victoria Marr

Friends since the age of 11, both girls started full time classical training at one of the world's top ballet schools. As their friendship continued to grow, their careers also went from strength to strength. Victoria joined the Birmingham Royal Ballet Company directly after finishing her training at the renowned Royal Ballet Upper School in London and Flik successfully landed the role of Val in the Broadway hit 'A Chorus Line' at just 17 years old.

Victoria went on to become one of Birmingham Royal Ballet's most recognised and respected First Soloists, dancing in productions all over the world, while Flik embarked on a successful West End career, dancing for many of the most acclaimed choreographers and theatre directors.

In total, Flik and Victoria have spent a combined 32 years in prime shape at the top of the professional dance world. Added to this, their extensive qualifications in dance teaching and fitness training gives them the ideal set of expertise to bring you a workout method that will reward you with a stunning physique.

Flik and Victoria found common ground through not only their love of dance and high work ethic, but also their wicked sense of humour and lust for life.

Guest Teachers

Sophie Auger

Sophie Auger
Dancer with Sarasota Ballet Company, professional dance teacher and Sleek trainer

Bonnie Parker

Bonnie Parker
Professional dancer, body double to Angelina Jolie and Eva Greene. Now Sleek trainer

Elisabeth Van Dam

Elisabeth Van Dam
Taking classes live from her home in Belgium, professional dancer, artist and fit fabulous mother of a beautiful 16 month old daughter.

Dianne Weger

Dianne Weger
Professional dancer with Birmingham Royal, Northern Ballet and now Graz Opera Ballet. Di teaches Sleek live from Austria.

Meet the Global Community of #Sleekers
Join the Private Facebook Group

On the Facebook group you can:

  • Ask questions to your Sleek trainers
  • Get the latest Sleek news
  • Get specific workout recommendations
  • Get tips on workout gear (shoes, clothes, equipment) 
  • Get nutrition tips and recipes
  • Meet LOTS of new friends!

Enjoy the support and encouragement of our Sleek community by becoming part of our private Facebook group. It is an active group full of fun and friendly people.

Michelle H. Sleek Customer

"I've gotten great results. I've gotten the best results ever actually. And the best thing is that I don't feel like it's a workout. It's fun! And I'm learning so much.." - Michelle H

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