We are Flik and Victoria, professional dancers and fitness experts at the top of our professions for a combined 40 years! We are also the greatest of friends (having met at ballet school aged 11) Together we want to take you on a dance-loving journey that leads to you to a strong, toned, slender physique. Your distinctive 'Sleek' physique!

Friends since the age of 11, both girls started full-time classical training at one of the world's top ballet schools. As their friendship continued to grow, their careers also went from strength to strength. Victoria joined the Birmingham Royal Ballet Company directly after finishing her training at the renowned Royal Ballet Upper School in London and Flik successfully landed the role of Val in the Broadway hit 'A Chorus Line' at just 17 years old.

Victoria went on to become one of Birmingham Royal Ballet's most recognized and respected First Soloists, dancing in productions all over the world, while Flik embarked on a successful West End career, dancing for many of the most acclaimed choreographers and theatre directors.

In total, Flik and Victoria have spent a combined 40 years in prime shape at the top of the professional dance world. Added to this, their extensive qualifications in dance teaching and fitness training gives them the ideal set of expertise to bring you a workout method that will reward you with a stunning physique.

You will love working out with Flik and Victoria. If you are craving a more artistic way to get super fit -Get ready to ignite your passion for ballet fitness!


Becky - Executive Assistant 

Sleeking in Denver,  USA

So many reasons to Sleek! The workouts are so well thought out and effective, with clear, detailed instruction. It makes it possible for a non-dancer to learn dance! 

Vanessa - Busy Mother and Actress

Sleeking in France

I love everything about Sleek Technique. It is fun to do and VERY effective (the most effective workout I’ve ever tried!). Sleek is the perfect full-body workout.

Almuth - Professor of Psychology

Sleeking in London, UK

I am a Sleek convert. I have trained in many styles of fitness but this is the only thing I have stuck with and my body has thanked me for in every way. I am in the best shape of my life and I am always excited to workout.