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ballet lifestyle press Jul 21, 2022
ballet fitness style

Are you curious about how ballet dancers live and train? Do you want to put on some leggings and ballet shoes and get moving around your living room but are not sure what Sleek Technique ballet fitness workouts are about? Well if you want to know more about the best online ballet fitness classes for adults, how it all began here at Sleek, or our favourite ballet fitness style pieces, then you have come to the right place.

What is Sleek?

Sleek Ballet Fitness has been an online ballet barre fitness company for 9 years now so we (Flik and Victoria, life-long friends and professional dancers) feel that we know what we're talking about when it comes to getting a sculpted dancer body! Our online barre workouts and ballet fitness classes have been helping people across the world to feel their best and getting results from sculpted dancer legs and a strong core, to beautiful ballerina posture and improved flexibility, via our ballet fitness workout streaming library and interactive ballet fitness live classes. 

How Does it Work?

Sleek is based on authentic ballet technique with a fusion of the latest fitness know-how and our combined 30+ years of professional dance experience. You can find out about how we started dance fitness from home here and learn a little more about us before you head on over and give a ballet fitness class a try.


Like our Style?

Wearing what you feel comfortable in for a ballet fitness or barre class is essential. You don't need a tutu or even ballet shoes! But if you are a regular Sleeker (member of our global community) or ballet barre class lover already, or just someone who likes to workout in style, discover our favourite ballet fitness workout styles, including bodysuits over at Well & Good and get yourself an outfit that will make you feel fabulous and take your workout enjoyment even further.

You really don't need any equipment to take part in a Sleek ballet or barre fitness class but we do recommend you have a mat and chair to hand. The chair is better to have a hard back for support, or use an ironing board or shelf if all your chairs are for relaxing in. You may want to spend a bit more time on the quality of your mat as during many of our ballet workouts you will be lying down on it for a small part of the class, so want to feel comfortable. You can chose to move the mat away or keep it down when you stand up in the centre. If you keep it down, chose a mat that isn't too sticky so your feet can move along the mat without getting stuck. We like these myga yoga mats because they also give you a little cushioning under your feet, without being too soft that you can't balance (something we practice in our online ballet workouts a lot.) You'll see we use them is many of our ballet fitness videos and they are great for all round performance.

 Happy reading and Happy Sleeking!

Flik x

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