5 Amazing Dance Forms Which Aid Weight Loss

balletfitness fitness health motivation weight loss Feb 16, 2021

If lockdown has left you less active and perhaps you’ve gained a few unwanted pounds, then read on. We’ve got the top five ways to dance your way back to your slimmer more energetic self?

If the thought of dieting or online gym sessions don’t excite you. It might be time to try something new! How about having a fun way to lose weight without losing your interest? If that’s what you want, you should try dancing.

Dancing is an art form that has been around for centuries, offering various mental and physical benefits, including weight loss. We are going to run through our top 5 dance forms that provide an exciting way to stay fit and lose weight.


You might think that something often slower-moving and low impact like ballet cannot shape your body and help you lose weight, but this notion is far from correct. Ballet involves a lot of precision, and strength to sustain and control each movement, creating the perfect fat-burning zone.

The pace and style in a ballet of ballet fitness class ensures a full-body workout ranging from the controlled and steady movements in adage to the heart rate raising pace of petit allegro (small jumps.) Ballet burns fat and helps build lean and long muscles without bulk.

Balletic movement makes you lengthen and stretch your muscles in a full range of movements, ensuring you get a full-body workout. Naturally staying in a sustained fat burning zone and focusing keenly on each move, you will notice a change in your shape, strength and flexibility considerably within a couple of weeks. You don’t need a partner and online classes require just a small space at home.


The exhilarating and intricate Latin American dance form has become popular in dance studios and night clubs. Salsa is an art form inspired by several dance styles like merengue, bomba, and cumbia music. The basic rule for salsa is that you will have to follow the pattern of doing six steps over eight counts of music while dancing side to side and making several turns.

Doing salsa for an hour will help you burn as much as 420 calories, making it a fantastic choice for your weight loss program. The fact that it’s fun to practice is a bonus.


True to its name, the freestyle dance form lets you move freely without worrying about exact body movements or dance steps. You only need to move to a piece of fast beat music and create spontaneous movements. You can decide on the type of tunes you want to dance to and your dance routine’s pace. Freestyle is fun to practice alone, but it gets more exciting when enjoyed in a group.

It’s one of the most comfortable dance forms on the list that almost everyone might perform. Freestyle dancing to fast music for half an hour can help you burn at least 180 calories

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing, the exotic art form, also called ‘Raqs sharqi,’ can help toning problem areas like abs, back, and hips. It involves controlled and slow isometric moves that help in improving circulation and maintaining flexibility. Furthermore, shaking your lower body or belly helps shape your buttocks and burn the abdominal and thigh fat.

Being a low impact form of dance, it does not leave added stress on your feet’ bones, so you can practice belly dancing even if you have slight bone density issues. To top it off, an hour of belly dancing can help you burn up to 300 calories


Zumba incorporates hip hop, merengue, rumba, and salsa to create moves that give you a full cardio workout and help you lose weight. You will find Zumba classes in many fitness centers near you, where the aim is to make you enjoy the activity as you lose weight. If you don’t want to visit a fitness center, find some good tutorials on YouTube. 

You don’t need a partner for this kind of dance. Most of the steps are super comfortable and focus on your legs, arms, and abs separately for strengthening each. If you want to lose weight and tone up, this aerobic workout is something to consider. Try to get a session in at least three times a week to see the best results. 

A study revealed that an hour of medium to high-intensity sessions helps you eliminate 300-900 calories, depending on your age, genetics, health, and weight. 

However you choose to exercise, stress can play a big part in holding you back, being recognised as a big cause of weight gain for many people. For general well-being as well as weight loss, lots of people along with exercise are turning to CBD oil or gummies to help. A study conducted in 2015 revealed that CBD can help cut down appetite and enhance metabolism by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain. You can also have a look at CBD news for more information.

So, which of these dance forms sounds the most appealing to you? Take your pick from the five options mentioned above, and start your exciting workout routine from today. If you can’t join nearby classes, take help from the abundance of live online dance classes and workout videos available on the internet. These dance forms will serve you the twin benefits of learning a new art form and helping you lose unwanted weight at the same time. Dancing your way to fitness promises to be way more fun!

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