5 Great Workout Ideas for When You Are Short on Time

fitness lifestyle workout Jun 28, 2022

In an ideal world, we would all have plenty of time to fit in a regular exercise routine but often life gets in the way, so to speak. Luckily, these five workout ideas mean you don't have to skip a workout when you're short on time.

1. Skip the Trip to the Gym

Spending even 10 minutes in the car driving to the gym is wasteful when you only have 30 minutes to get a workout in. Luckily, there are plenty of workouts you can do at home that are just as effective. Post pandemic, list of people have transferred to working out online. Everything from Hiit to Ballet Fitness workouts are available at the touch of a button. Many programs have a Free Trial so take a look around and try a few out. If you prefer to create your own program, do a little research to learn how to build a good beginner workout at home that won't leave you feeling overwhelmed. 

If you are a more experienced fitness enthusiast, find a few workout videos online or lace up your running shoes for a quick trip around the neighborhood. Then, instead of feeling guilty for skipping a gym day, you can be proud of the fact that you were able to get in a few extra minutes of exercise. 

2. Combine Exercise and Errands

Some days it seems like you'll never check off everything on your to-do list, never mind fit in a workout. However, this is not a reason to despair. Instead, it is an opportunity to get creative and combine errands and exercise.

When possible, walk or bicycle to your normal stops. Not only will you get some exercise, but you'll also reduce carbon emissions. While many people dismiss walking as not being a real workout, that overlooks the many health benefits that have been linked to it. Maintain a steady pace and resist eh urge to meander for the best results. 

3. Add Resistance to Maximize Impact

Walking is a great way to stay healthy and fit, but adding some resistance may help make your exercises even more effective. Plus, strength training is directly linked to stronger muscle and increased bone density, so its benefits go beyond what you can see.

Walk with a weighted backpack, ankle or wrist weights can be added too. Be sure to start out slowly and build up your weight load over time. This applies to weights and resistance bands. If you want to stick with bodyweight exercises, look into suspension training for an added resistance challenge. 

4. Push Through a Quick Tabata Set

Many people are familiar with High-Intensity Interval Training. It alternates bursts of intense activity with lower-intensity movements that give you a chance to recover. When planned correctly, a good HIIT workout lets you push yourself harder than you might otherwise do. However, they aren't necessarily short. That is where Tabata sets come in.

A Tabata is a four-minute mini HIIT workout. Each one consists of 20 seconds of extremely high-intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. If you are trying this at home, you have to be willing to push yourself to the limits of what you can endure for every single one of those 20-second sprints. It might be helpful to work with a trainer when you get started to find exercises that move you closer to your goals and to ensure you are doing them correctly. 

5. Perform Functional Exercises

Functional exercise is extremely effective because it uses multiple muscle groups for each movement. It also lets the body move in a natural way that mimics real-life scenarios. For example, squatting with a weight easily helps you be more fit for lifting heavy objects — or bags of groceries — around the house. It does that by simultaneously utilizing the arms, legs, and glutes. 

There are lots of functional exercises that you can do, and many of them are beneficial with just a few minutes of work. In addition to squats, walking lunges, stair running, and burpees are all excellent examples of this type of workout.

Final Thoughts

From Tabata to online home workouts, you can get in some high-quality exercise no matter how little time you have to devote to fitness.

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