9 Benefits of Taking a Holistic View of Your Health

health wellbeing Aug 19, 2022
holistic health benefits

Taking care of yourself involves a lot of high-stakes decision-making. You and you alone are responsible for your habits of nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress relief, and emotional health. It can feel daunting to consider all of these factors; not to mention dealing with significant health challenges. Fortunately, a holistic approach to viewing your health comes with many advantages. Read on for a rundown of the benefits of dealing with your health holistically.

1. Increased Control

The structure and methods of holistic healthcare emphasize helping people feel more in control of their health. Better satisfaction and outcomes are the result. Rather than a circumscribed approach to health, the holistic approach provides choices that boost a feeling of autonomy and sovereignty. Are you curious to find out more? Try a search using terms such as holistic women's health to gain helpful insights.

2. Long-Term View

Most holistic approaches to health focus on optimizing vitality throughout the lifespan. Taking actions that help you stay active, alert, and healthy as you move through the various stages of your life is a priority. Midlife and menopause are viewed from a perspective of wellness, wisdom, and maximizing the benefits of maturity.

3. Varied Options

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to holistic health. If you choose this approach, you've got a bounty of choices. Some of them include functional medicine and Eastern approaches such asAyurveda, acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). You can explore various options and settle on the modalities that work best for you.

4. Educational Focus

Holistic health focuses on helping you gain the knowledge and know-how to manage your health efficiently and effectively. There's constantly new research coming out that's evidence-based and provides guidelines for you and your practitioner. There's a strong community component in the holistic health community too — from cooking classes to support groups.

5. Preventative Approach

Although allopathic medicine is moving more toward a preventative approach to health, holistic health has long had that emphasis. The root causes of illness and disease are a major focus, and you have access to a wealth of support to help keep you thriving. Emotional healing and trauma-informed care have become an integral part of this approach, too. Long-term stress is associated with poorer outcomes and holistic health thoroughly addresses that issue.

6. Better Integration

The effective integration of prevention and treatment approaches is a big issue in healthcare. Holistic practitioners tend to take a thorough health history, both individual and familial. This provides a broad, detailed view of your strengths and areas of vulnerability. They inquire about other professionals who you may be seeing and usually make a strong effort to work in tandem.

7. Diagnostic Lab Work

During a typical wellness visit to a medical doctor, you'll receive standard bloodwork and usually will pay extra for other tests that you request. Holistic practitioners will discuss relevant tests that pertain to specific health issues you're facing, and will usually provide needed lab work or refer you to a lab — or another practitioner who can assist you

8. Relational Emphasis

If you choose a professional who has a holistic approach (and you're a good fit), chances are there'll be a focus on good communication, respect, and support. Also, holistic practices usually have access to community and online resources that will help you reach out to others who have similar challenges.

9. Increased Knowledge

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your health. There are many valuable online resources for well-vetted holistic health information. This will help you explore options and feel more empowered. Also, holistic practitioners are usually laser-focused on providing you with helpful, actionable information. Then you'll be able to make wise choices about the best approaches to your health concerns.

Having a holistic view of your health brings you significant benefits. Keep these points in mind as you do research, ask questions, and make decisions.

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