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ballerina beauty - Victoria Marr

Ballet is a beautiful art and even if you never got to pursue it as a child, you can still do it recreationally as an adult. The truth is that ballet and ballet fitness have so many broad-ranging benefits for all ages that it is rapidly increasing in popularity From cognitive and emotional development in children to the mental and physical benefits for adults, in a studio or online, it is a beautiful, artistic way to improve flexibility, focus, confidence and posture. To help you get in the zone we have put together some of our top ballerina beauty tips to help you look and feel every inch the ballerina when you are working out. We hope these tips help you feel gorgeous and confident from head to toe. 



Starting from the top, if you want to rock the most beautiful ballet bun, it is not a hard style to achieve, (there is a little tutorial on our Sleek Youtube channel here) For the best bun, you need a bit of volume. If you have naturally thick hair that’s great but if you don’t you can back-comb it a little for added volume. If you are starting to suffer from a bit of hair thinning or loss, you can get to the root of the problem (pardon the pun) by understanding the things that help promote thicker hair or trying product designed for hair loss like spironolactone


There are other simple things you can do to take care of your dancer-like locks. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase or using a hair mask once a week. Also, refrain from drawing your hair back too tightly. Rather than a bun, you could try a loose braid or even an easy french roll will look gorgeous and give your hair some relaxation and let it breathe. 




In your ballet sessions or any sort of physical activity you will begin to sweat, and if left on your face might end up clogging your pores. Sweat is a good thing, however, if you are unable to shower soon after, it can lead to breakouts on your face. Sometimes dancers are doing more than one class a day so it is important that in between you have something, such as a sweat towel, to remove all of the sweat from your face, this is a great way to prevent breakouts. A silk pillowcase is also great for your skin as well as your hair, you will feel the difference.


It is also important that you find a good face wash to use before bed and in the morning so your face is ready to handle all the sweat and makeup you will be wearing throughout the day. All skin types are different, so take the time to figure out what works for you to keep your skin hydrated and clean. 



Taking care of your body as a pro dancer or even if you are doing it recreationally is very important because your body is your instrument. Make sure you are getting enough nutrients, water, and sleep every day. It is important to prioritize your nutrition. If you are unsure of how to cook or what to eat, here are some great healthy recipes that are easy to follow. Prioritize yourself. The better care you take of your body, the better it can dance for you. 


Make sure not to push yourself too hard. It can be common to experience burnout when you are constantly putting your body through the wringer. Finding time in your day to relax and rest your body is so important. Take time before bed to take a warm bath and relax your muscles or treat yourself to a massage. 



Strong, stretchy feet are so important as a dancer. However, taking care of your feet is often neglected. A great way to make sure you are nurturing your foot health is by wearing supportive shoes. Whatever shoe you wear all day every day has a large impact on your foot’s arch so it is important for you to find one that will support your feet well. In the summer especially, regular flip-flops have no support whatsoever. Try switching up to Birkenstocks as they are made to mold to your foot arch. 


Another important factor in taking care of your feet is strengthening, stretching, and massaging. Try not to forget about your feet. Rolling your foot on a tennis ball before bed or using a Thera-band to stretch and strengthen your metatarsals will make a big difference in how your feet hold up, not just in your classes but in the long run. 




We want you to feel beautiful inside and out. When you are dancing so take care of yourself and your body, you only get one! Find your routines, apply some of these little changes, and get that beauty sleep. 

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